HP set visit open to lucky fan

Earlier this month, it was announced by WB, producer of the HP film series, that they would be
re-releasing the five currently avalible DVDs, and place a token inside one random HP DVD casing. Whoever is able to find that lucky token has the exclusive chance to be on the set of the upcoming final two part film, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", and see what it is truly like, to see the process of filming an HP film.
It is said the finder of the lucky token will be able to visit the studio, and prehaps meet various
members of the cast, for one full week at the filming studio.

HBP running time announced

It was recently announced to major HP fan sites that the newest HP film has a running time of 153 minutes. Hopefully with over two and a half hours to fill,
WB will do true justice to the book on which the film is based.
This seems to be a great improvement, given the fact that the previous film,
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" had a running time of two and a quarter hours in length.

new "Harry Potter" game trailer surfaces

Over this past weekend, WB premired a brand-new teaser trailer for the newest HP video game, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".
From what the trailer depicted, the game seems very true to the book. And, WB added some extra features to make it worth the $50.00 you have to pay for it. In this game, players can duel each other, casting spells and charms at each other in the
Multi-Player dueling arena. You can also explore the castle and the outoor grounds, plus other features.

It was recently announced that WB moved the release date of the game from coming out with
the movie on July 15th, the date for the game moved back to June 30th.

With amazing graphics, a multi-player option, and the option to just explore the many levels of the catsle as you roam free, this is a game not to miss!

The game will be avalible on these gaming systems: PC, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii,

Nintendo DS, XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and PSP.

Harry Potter audiobook samples now avalible!

To make this blog more appealing to non-Harry Potter readers, audio samples from all seven Harry Potter books are now avalible for listening. To listen to the samples,
click on the jukebox at the bottom of the page that lists the books in order, pick one, hit play, sit back, and enjoy!

The HP jukebox was created by randomhouse.com .
This version of the jukebox is not authorized by random house, JKR, or anyone involved in the making of HP books or films.

Order of the Phoenix ning now available

Viewers of this blog can also discuss the newest HP news online with other HP fans at our new online chat site, using this link. http://orderofthephoenix.ning.com/ . The same rules appply to the ning as the blog. Keep discussions relevantly appropriate, and reframe from using language.
Language or other inappropriate comments on the ning will result in banning.

Newly released HP TV Spots

Over last weekend, WB aired several small clips and TV Spots to advertise for their newest HP film, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", which will be released into theaters July 15th. With less then two months until the premire,
WB is pumping out promotion for the film, which most HP sites don't seem to mind.

Thoughts from the other members of this guild will be availible within the next two weeks.

For TEENS only!

Welcome to the newest Harry Potter blogsite, dedicated to teens only!!

We are a group of teens who meet bimonthly to discuss the latest on HP news. We are reaching out to you, to include you in our discussions online.

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