Sponsors page

The Order of the Phoenix News Network is proud to sponsor the
Focus Alternative Learning Center, located in Canton, CT,
whose goal is to help children and teens living with
the increasingly common Autism disorder.

To visit the Focus Alternative Learning Center on the web,
go to: http://www.focus-alternative.org/ .

One of the other companies strongly affiliated with this blog is Blogger.com,
which handles most of the difficult hosting problems for us.
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And thanks to YouTube.com, for providing many of the videos featured on our site.

Thanks, also, to amazon.com, for providing several high-quality flash gadgets,
allowing our fans to check out cool Harry Potter stuff on their site that we've pre-selected.

Finally on our list we have FeedBurner.com, whose services allow our viewers
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Creative Commons LicenseThanks to all three of our current sponsers,
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