Fan Video of the Week: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

Continuing what we started about two weeks ago,
we have found another example of the ideal
fan video, and have it for you all to enjoy
right off of this webpage,
thanks to YouTube.

This video has long since proved itself an incredibly successful hit on YouTube,
attracting the attention of both die-hard Harry Potter fans, casual fans, and the general public!

I have talked with non-Harry Potter fans in the general public who saw
"The Mysterious Ticking Noise", and enjoyed it tremendously.

So, as of today, we officially recognize "The Mysterious Ticking Noise"
as our second, must-see fan video of the week.

Hopefully, you will find this video as entertaining and funny as we do.

Pottermore Insider updates with new info concerning COS development!

The Pottermore Insider blog was recently updated
with a post featuring a promotional video for the
upcoming interactive Harry Potter video game
developed by both Sony and Pottermore,
"Wonderbook: Book of Spells".

It is expected to come out by the end of the year,
most likely sometime during the holiday season.

The Pottermore Insider also made an update concerning the status
of the yet-to-be-launched Chamber of Secrets virtual Pottermore book.

So far only the first of the Harry Potter books has been converted
to the Pottermore virtual experience, with the others promised to be underway.

Here was the update:

Monday 25 June
Chamber of Secrets update:
This week, we’re finalizing artwork for Chapter Seven,  
Mudbloods and Murmurs, and Chapter Fifteen, Aragog.

Cetainly not enough to collect conclusive proof of the Pottermore team's
progress on developing book 2, but well worth mentioning.

Below is the official announcement trailer for "Book of Spells":

Pottermore Insider posts new COS development update

In a new update, the Pottermore Insider blog
revealed that the Pottermore development team
have made some progress in their latest task
of introducing the second Harry Potter book,
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
to PotterMore.

Here is the original text:
"Monday, June 18th
Chamber of Secrets update:
"This week, we're finalising artwork for 

Chapter Fourteen Cornelius Fudge."

If they are finishing the chapters in sequence,
then this is an improvement from the last post:

"Monday, June 11th
Chamber of Secrets update:
"Last week, we were editing sounds in the studio for the Chamber of Secrets,
and we're now working on finishing artwork for Chapter Eleven, The Duelling Club."

These frequent little updates show that, at least,
Pottermore is now doing a better job of keeping the public more informed.

Pottermore Insider reveals new progress on COS development!

The PotterMore Insider has just last night
revealed a new update, stating that:

"Chamber of Secrets update:
Last week, we were editing sounds in the studio
for the Chamber of Secrets and we're now working
on finishing artwork for Chapter Eleven,  
The Dueling Club."

While this may not seem like the most important of announcements,
it does continue to verify the PotterMore team's progress on adapting
the second "book" for PotterMore: "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."

If reports like this continue to surface, combined with the recent announcement
of COS possibly coming to sometime later this Summer, 
COS will most likely be released online by early Fall at the latest.

Fan Video of the Week: How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

As of this week, we here at the Order of the Phoenix News Network
will be posting a "Fan Video of the Week" award to what we feel
is among the best, (and usually funniest,) Harry Potter fan-made videos.

The videos must normally fall under most, if not all, of the following requirements:

*Good visual/audio quality.
*High entertainment level: Must be good enough to watch more then once.
*No over-commercialization: Limited, if any ads, before, during, or after video.

We proudly present our first choice, "How Harry Potter Should Have Ended".

Look for our next choice sometime next week!

PotterMore CTO reveals "Chamber of Secrets" to debut online this Summer!

Just about two hours ago, it was unofficially revealed
 by PotterMore's Chief Technical Officer that
"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets",
the second book in the Harry Potter series,
will debut on PotterMore sometime this Summer.

Looking back,  this announcement is not that much
of a surprise, and has been a while in coming.

The Pottermore staff have been releasing new pieces
of info concerning COS's development for a little while,
and given the fact that they don't really want people to
lose interest, It was really a question of if COS would be released either in the Summer, or the Fall.

For now, this cannot be considered official, and valid.
Even if this information isn't exact, it can't be too off the mark, either.

You can read more in the original announcement via the link below:

Harry Potter: Book of Spells coming to PS3!

It was just announced at the E3 Expo, a major gaming conference, that another new
Harry Potter themed video game, to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Titled "Harry Potter: Book of Spells", this newest addition to the Harry Potter
game franchise is a motion-controlled game where players will learn to master
iconic Harry Potter spells, and, as they progress through the game,
they unlock new written material from HP author J.K. Rowling.

The game was created in partnership between Sony and Pottermore developers.

As of this post, no exact release date is known.

Below are two videos: The first being the gameplay trailer for the game,
and the second video is the game's announcement at E3,
which includes a demonstration of the game.

We'll follow up on this story when more details are made public.