New Photo from upcoming HP two part movie now online!

Thanks to a fellow HP site,, we have secured a newly unearthed photo from what appears to be a scene in the final two
films, part one or two. Unfortunately, this photo we secured is NOT avalable in an hi-res format. Nor is it a very clear picture.

Our other staff have recently re-read the book, and they and I
believe this scene to be when (*Spoiler alert!*) Harry and his friends
are captured and brought to Malfoy Manor, home of Harry's school nemesis, Draco Malfoy. We can confim that the building is indeed Malfoy Manor, because about a year ago,
we heard that there was going to be filming at a building that fit the description of Malfoy Manor.
(Picture Below.)
If viewers will look at both pictures, you may notice the similarities between
the two buildings. The house on the bottom is the building WB confirmed
that they were filming scenes at Malfoy Manor in.

Thanks to a post made by the New York Post, Harry Potter fans now have an offical photograph of the upcoming theme park, which will be located in Universal's theme park in Orlando, Florida.
The HP park is still currently slated for its early summer premire this June. This photograph has been confirmed to be an offical photo released by the producers of the park, unlike several that have surfaced recently. To visit the website of the HP  theme park, please use the following link:

new LEGO Harry Potter trailer on site!

The newest trailer for the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter video game is now
on our site. This new trailer focuses on book/movie three in the series.
We are sorry for the delay. Lack of avalability on most sites did not help the matter.
But now, thanks to YouTube, (htttp://, we now have a copy.
It can be viewed in our "LEGO Harry Potter" page, which can be reached under
our "Site Pages" sidebar on our main page.

WB to use HP filming studio as permanant HP public attraction

According to numerous reliable sources, Warner Brothers,
producer of the HP films, has just bought Leavesden Studios,
where most parts of all eight Harry Potter films where filmed.

Appearantly, Warner Brothers intends to make the filming studio an
HP attraction, for the public to visit. It has been stated that such HP sets
such as the great hall, and other parts of Hogwarts castle will be featured at the studio.

Leavesden Studios will be offically re-opened as a HP attraction sometime in 2012.

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 to also feature as a Collector's edition!

That's right, Warner Brothers and LEGO have confirmed it. The upcoming Harry Potter video game
to be released by LEGO this Summer, "LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4" will be available in both
basic version, and collector's edition.

HP4 ultimate edition cover now on site!

Today, we finally have a poster for the fourth
HP ultimate edition! As shown on the cover,
one of the special features included in the special edition
is the fourth part of an eight part documentary.
Each of the eight parts focus on a different part of producing a Harry Potter film. Apart from the documentary, little is known about the special feature in the package, but judging from the first two
ultimate editions, features like a digital copy of the extended version of the film, as included in the package, most likely will be included in the third and fourth ultimate editions.

The third and fourth ultimate editions are avalable
to view on,
( ).

Link to J.K. Rowling's offical Twitter page now on site!

At long last, after several errors we encountered along the way, this site now has a working link to
J.K. Rowling's Twitter page!

The link can be found under the page in the top-left corner of our main page, titled:
"J.K. Rowling page".

We are sorry for this delay, but the feature is now available for viewing on that page.


Update reminder for blog readers

To the readers of this site or feed, we would like to remind you that in twenty day's time,
the Order of the Phoenix Network's website will be experience a slight re-design, also
removing, adding, or modifying the site, pages, such as our FAQ page, and more.

To read what changes this update, currently dubbed
"Order of the Phoenix Network 2.0", will contain, double-click on the following link:

All of the updates and changes mentioned in the statement come into effect on May 9th.

WB releases new behind-the-scenes video of LEGO Harry Potter game

Just recently, Warner Bros has debueted a new behind-the-scenes video
of the upcoming HP video game produced by the LEGO company,
"LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4".

The video is currently unavalable on our site, but efforts will be made to
include the video in our LEGO Harry Potter video game page, which can be reached on our main page.

J.K. Rowling reveals interest in producing an eighth HP book

"Not yet, but "maybe 10 years from now," said J.K. Rowling, after announcing while at the White House's
easter egg roll. She did state that she was up for writing another HP releated book, aside from the
HP encyclopedia she is underway with, which is rumored to be released within a few years.

Could this mean an eighth Harry Potter novel? Or could it be a seperate book altogether?
Perhaps a full-length prequel in addition to the page-long story she already wrote?
J.K. Rowling neither confirmed nor denied these seemingly important peices of information. premires new poster for third HP ultimate edition!

Thanks to, ( , HP fans now can view a poster for the third Harry Potter ultimate edition.

Hor those who did not read our reports some months ago on the ultimate editions, here is a brief overview. Warner Bros, some time ago, re-released
the first two HP films, packed with about 10-15 minutes of extra footage, bonus features, and a digital copy, which can, when downloaded onto a compatible computor, will be avalable for viewing on that computor without the need for a disk.

It is currently unclear what bonus features will come with the third
ultimate edition. The price for the third ultimate edition is unclear at the moment, but it is speculated that it may be priced around $40-45 dollars
for the basic format, and around $55-60 dollars for the blu-ray version of the ultimate edition.

Thanks to for the poster!

JK Rowling' HP book reading now on site

As most viewers may know from yesterday's post, J.K. Rowling was scheduled to peform a live
reading from one of her Harry Potter books as one of many events at the white house to celebrate
a rather late easter.

A video of her reading is avalable on our J.K. Rowling page, which can be reached by link on
our main site, as one of our "Site Pages."


JK Rowling to appear at the White House today!

Along with other famous people, JK Rowling will be at the white house today as they celebrate a
rather late easter. She has been confirmed to read aloud from her Harry Potter books from
1:30-1:45 this afternoon, and again from 2:00-2:15. The whole thing will be presented LIVE onine
via this link: .

It is currently unclear what book and chapter(s) she will be reading from.

A futher post will be made when the reading has concluded,  summarizing the details,
sometime this afternoon.

HP movie trailer gallery updated, new trailer now on site!

Just today, we have added the theatrical trailer for the fifth HP film on our site,
in our new HP movie trailer gallery page avalable for viewing via link
EXCLUSIVELY on our site.

With one theatrical trailer per film for the first five films,
(trailers for films 7 & 8 coming soon!) the page is packed with over 12 minutes of footage
all avalable for viewing. However, certain precautions have been put in place to minimize
copying and embedding of the trailers, which has slowed the process of placing the trailers
onto our site. However, trailers for all seven films will be avalable sometime over this weekend.

As films 7 & 8 do not yet have theatrical trailers as of now, we will use the 60 second clip
that is avalable until a future trailer is avalable for display.

More features added, with more to come!

Today, as viewers may want to know, we will be peforming some site changes.
One pleasant change is that another HP movie trailer is now in our gallery,
the theatrical trailer for the fourth HP film:
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is now avalable to be viewed in our
Harry Potter movie trailer gallery page.
As everone should know, it is a rule that, although the trailers are planned
to be a permanent feature, there is only roomm on the page for one trailer
per film. So, each film's theatrical trailer will be placed in our gallery.

Another immediate change is that the "Focus On Autism" video is currently
being moved to a different part of the site.

With all these features placed on other pages, this produces more space on our
main site. We have not decided what to do with the free space, but this much is certain:
The main page will retain some features, but after most are moved to different sections
of our site, there will some definate changes.

To state your opinion on this mattetr, please place your comment in the comments page underneth
this post. (To do so, double-click the "Comments" tab to enter the comments page.)

April Fools!

To celebrate the april fool's day, the last post we have released, the one saying that the final HP book will
be split into a trilogy, was just a prank.

We are sorry to everyone who was fooled, but the last post was just a joke.

Happy April Fools!

-Order of the Phoenix staff.

Final Harry Potter book to be turned into a movie trilogy

According to, who spoke with representitives from Warner Bros, that they are currently planning to make the final book in the Harry Potter series into a three part film.

It was announced last year that the final Harry Potter book would be split into two films,
the first premiring in November 2010, and the second in July 2011.

Warner Bros had this to say: "The book is simply amazing, and we love the people we work with.
Each time we shot a scene we shot too much extra footage because we loved the content so much.
Before we knew it, we had enough content to fill three films."

Although this may seem odd, Warner Bros has already scheduled the film's release for
July 2013, leaving a two year gap inbetween parts 2 and 3.

First three HP movie trailers now in gallery, and more site news!

With the first and second trailers, one per film, released only yesterday, it felt only right to premire the third film's theatrical trailer today.

More will come soon.

Also, after nearly six months of hosting different charities to feature on our site, we have selected
one permanent sponser: the Focus Alternative Learning Center, created for the sole goal of helping
children and teens learn to cope with living with Autism disorder.

We are proud to sponser such a cause.

Their videos will be hosted on one of our upcoming site pages, and will be avalable starting this afternoon.