late May site announcements

Just today, two small changes were made to the main page of this site.

The first of which is the removal of the LEGO Harry Potter mini game that has been
featured on our site for several months.

The game can still be located on our "games" page, which is linked to on our main page.

The other is that, as of next week, the LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 trailer will also
be removed, in an attempt to conserve space.

However, the Harry Potter audiobook samples will hopefully be back online soon.

New game page opens today!

This afternoon, for the first time, viewers can now play and enjoy several fun Harry Potter mini-games by visiting
our "Games" page, which can be reached by clicking the link to the page, located at the top-left corner of the blog's main page.

At this time, only three games are avalable: "Mad-Eye Moddy's magic eye challange,"
"Harry Potter's staircase escape," and the "LEGO Harry Potter game.

Additional games are scheduled to premire on the games page in the near future.

HP downloadable audiobook samples removed from site

Because of the many faults and errors connected to the HP audiobook sample jukebox on our site,
we have had to remove it for the time being.

We hope that it will ber back on our site soon, as it is our oldest and one of the most popular features
on our site.

Stay tuned for future announcements about this for the next few days.

LEGO Harry Potter video game trailer back on site, errors fixed

Yesterday, there was some problems noticed concerning the new LEGO Harry Potter video game trailer we put on our main page,
which we found at

The OFFICAL video just placed online by fellow HP website is confirmed both to be an offical trailer, and a working one.

So thanks to for placing a working trailer on, which we were able to embed onto our site. It can be found at the bottom of this page.

NEW LEGO Harry Potter teaser trailer now online!

Thanks to,, we have a new offical video of the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter video game,
in stores June 30th.

The video is avalable for viewing at the bottom of our main page.

As mentioned in previous posts, the game will be avalable in two different versions at its release. Buyers have a choice of getting the basic version of the game, or an Collector's edition, avalable only for the Nintendo Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360
versions of the game.

New "Focus on Autism" video now on site!

Episode 5 part 1 of "Focus on Autism"
has now been posted on our site. As some of our viewers may know, the show is produced by clients amd staff from the
Focus Alternative Learning Center in Canton, CT.

The first four videos are now on our site, each episode split into three ten minute parts.

Part one of Episode 5 has just now been posted.
parts 2 & 3 should be on our site tomorrow

New screenshots from LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4!

Thanks to the producers of LEGO Harry Potter, a new screenshot,
one of the Nintendo DS version of the game, is now online.

It is currently unclear what "year(s)" in the game these photos are taken from. The only confirmed peice of information about the photos
is that these shots are from the Nintendo DS version of the game,
and does not represent the game graphics displayed in the
Nintendo Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC adaptions of the game.

The game is, as far as anyone knows, still slated for its June 30th release.

Also, it is speculated that, since the producers of the game have
released a trailer for each "year" in the game, there still should be
one more game trailer on the way, focusing on the fourth and final
playable year in the game.

Warner Bros has as of now refused to comment on when they plan to premire the fourth and final teaser trailer for the game.

New HP theme park photo!

Via internet, we have managed to locate a new photo of one of the rides featured in the upcoming HP theme park centered in
Universal Orlando, located in Orlando, Florida.

This pic displays what has been confirmed to be
Dumbledore's office, a location which both fans of the
HP books or films would know.

We hope to have more photos of the park online soon.

LEGO Harry Potter video game to recieve E10+ rating

It has been confirmed by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) that the upcoming
LEGO Harry Potter video game will recieve a 10 and up rating for the Nintendo DS and PSP
versions of the game, rated so for sequences of animated blood, crude humor, and
mild cartoon violence.

Here is what the ESRB had to say concerning this: 
Rating summary:This is an adventure game in which players assume the role of a  Lego-version of
Harry Potter as he learns magic spells and defeats enemy creatures at the Hogwarts magic school.
Players use a wand to fire fantastical blasts at enemy monsters, spiders, snakes, etc. Characters sometimes cry out in pain and often break apart into smaller Lego pieces when defeated. In one cutscene, a character's body explodes, and the central character cradles the head piece; another cutscene depicts a dragon impaled through the mouth by a sword. During a potion-mixing mini-game, players can use "salamander blood" or smashed worms as ingredients; pixilated blood appears in both sequences. In one sequence, brown Lego droppings fall out of a creature's posterior; a character scoops up the droppings with a shovel and makes a comical "Pee-ewhh" gesture.

However, the PC, Wii, PS3 and XBOX 360 versions are rated E10+ for only cartoon violence
and crude humor, but does not appearantly contain the animated blood depicted in the PSP
and Nintendo DS versions.

The game is currently scheduled for a June 29th release.

Tom Felton discusses HP filming in new interview

In a recent interview with, Tom Felton, who Harry Potter fans would know for his role as Draco Malfoy in the HP film, said when asked about where the final two-part film will be split: "There was (parts) one and two. There had to be a middle point. But they've said throughout production that it could change."

When asked how he felt about filming the already scheduleded epilog, depicting the main characters and him seventeen years down the road, he stated:  "For nearly two months, we've all been doing tests and all sorts of preparation for the epilogue. I've been having some aging training. You've got to walk differently. There's a bit of a slump in your walk. It's bizarre".

The final two films will premire November 2010 and July 2011.
For more information on filming news, please our site for continuing updates.

Order of the Phoenix news network now celebrating 1st Anniversary!

As viewers to this site may have noticed, this site has been slightly re-designed. This slight change in appearance was originally scheduled for May 9th, our 1st anniversary online, but was delayed slightly.

But now, our new and improved site, originally titled "version 2.0" is now fully online!

We hope you will enjoy this new sleek look to our webpage!

New blog look!

As many of our viewers may have noticed, we are changing the blog a little, like adding a new poster behind our blog title.

We thought it would be nice for a little change.

Expect more of it soon!

Site translator now updated, two new languages now available!

With there now being more viewers from different countries now viewing this site, we deemed it necessary to add more languages to our site translator feature, so more people can also enjoy this site along with our dozen subscribers.

Viewers can now chose from two newly added languages, Arabic and Italian.

We hope you will enjoy these new selections.

New LEGO Harry Potter game pics now online!

                                                       Thanks to a few internet sources, including, new
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 pics are now online.
here to the left is one of these new shots, taken from year 3 in the game.

All of these photos have already been confirmed to be offical ones.

These shots make the game look to be an appealing one to both
Harry Potter and LEGO fans. Combining the more seriousness of the HP books with the humor and light-heartedness of LEGOs, as well as moderate graphics, make for a good balance.
With the game being released this summer,
It is likely that Warner Bros will continue their campaign for the game's publicity, and also keeping
fans content by releasing new gameplay photos.

It should also be noted that WB has already released three trailers for the game, each focusing
on each of the first four years the game is including.
So a trailer for Harry's fourth year should premire online about the end of this month.


Site currently undergoing maintenance to fix site problems

Readers of this site may have noticed that some of the links for sharing this blog on social networks
have been malfunctioning. So, starting today, some of the links to social networks will be removed.
Instead, subscription links will be placed in some of the extra pages on this site.
Viewers will now be able to subscribe to us only through Google, Yahoo, and AOL.
This allows subscribers to choose from any one of the three major e-mail systems.
People who have already subsribed to us may not be affected by this change.

And like before, people will still be able to subscribe to us directly through an alternative method,
by double-clicking the link on the blog's main page underneath the posts, titled
"Subscribe to the Order of the Phoenix by e-mail". Any legit e-mail account is allowed.

To read more about subscribing to us, visit our FAQ page through this link: .

Episodes 1-4 of "Focus on Autism" now on site!

Over the last few months, The Order of the Phoenix has been proud to sponser
the Focus Alternitive Learning Center, a therapy center for children and teens
that have been diagnosed with varying cases of Autism.

Over the last year, the Focus Alternitive Learning Center has been producing
a TV show, "Focus On Autism, thanks to Nutmeg TV, a local TV network,
stationed in Plainville, CT. The show is also available for viewing on
 Viewers will get to hear from about 20 individuals from the organization, both staff and kids alike, who all have Autism. Episodes 1-4 are on our site for viewing in our "Sponsors" page.

Episode 5 will be uploaded on May 9th.