PotterMore launchs final COS chapters!

As of this afternoon, the third and final launch
of new virtual chapters from PotterMore's
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
are available to the public.

Here is the official announcement,
issued by PotterMore to its fans earlier today:

"The last chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets have arrived on Pottermore,
with Chapters Twelve to Eighteen now ready for you to explore on Pottermore.

Experience Professor Lockhart’s Valentine’s day festivities, survive the spiders in the

Forbidden Forest, and of course, confront what’s hidden within the Chamber of Secrets.

As well as these latest Moments, there is also new exclusive content from J.K. Rowling

on subjects including ghosts and the history of the Chamber of Secrets.

We hope you have a fantastic time exploring these concluding chapters on Pottermore
. "

Eager to check out these new chapters for youself?
Head on over to PotterMore and experience the magic for youself!

Happy Halloween, and thank you all for your continued support!

PotterMore announces release date for final chapters of COS!

Announced exclusively through
a link in the latest facebook post
by PotterMore, which led to a short post
on the PotterMore Insider blog,
the release date for the final chapters of
the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
interactive experience has been revealed:
Tomorrow, Halloween, October 31st, 2012.

Here is the original announcement,
issued earlier this afternoon:

"We're pleased to officially announce that
from tomorrow, 31st October, 12 noon GMT,
the final chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be available on PotterMore for you to explore.

Help us spread the word to your fellow
Harry Potter and Pottermore fans about the great news!"

Happy Halloween! And remember: Follow the spiders!
Enjoy the new chapters on PotterMore!

PotterMore to launch final COS chapters for Halloween!

Just in time to celebrate Halloween,
PotterMore has announced their intention
to launch the final interactive chapters of
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
within the next day or two.

Here is the official announcement, issued through the PotterMore Insider:
"You may have seen the spiders here on the Insider and on our Facebook and Twitter
pages recently. Yes, we’re talking about our many-legged visitors and if you’ve
noticed them, then you may have remembered Hagrid’s advice ‘ter follow the spiders’...

Now, it’s your turn to find out some stuff as we can announce that the final and last
installment of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets will be released sometime
this coming week.

Chapters Twelve to Eighteen will shortly be available
for you to delve into and explore.

Brewing Polyjuice Potion, accessing the Slytherin common room
and uncovering the secret of Tom Riddle’s diary are amongst
the many exciting Moments awaiting you.

These concluding chapters will also contain brand new exclusive content from J.K. Rowling, including material on the Chamber of Secrets; its origin and history."
I expect we can look forward to unlocking more hidden material,
which usually is well worth the effort in seeking it out.
But for now, we will have to follow PotterMore and "follow the spiders".


PotterMore CEO discusses future of PotterMore

This past Monday, while speaking at the
Frankfurt Book Fair about the future of digital publishing,
and how PotterMore stands as the model for future
digital publishing methods, PotterMore CEO
Charlie Redmayne had quite a few things to say
when it came to the subject of PotterMore's future.

He discussed several things PotterMore has done
in the past that set themselves apart from traditional
digital marketing methods, what they are now doing,
and even hinted some things that PotterMore is planning
for its future, both immediate, and longer-term.

Here is a rough outline detailing slightly more specific details
on PotterMore's plans for future expansion:

  • "Connected TV,"
  • "Apps,"
  • "Physical Products" that will be sold on the PotterMore Shop,
  • "Enhanced e-books"
  • The addition of a "Games" hub on PotterMore,
  • "In-Flight Entertainment,"

And finally, the release of the final chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
which, according to Redmayne, will debut on PotterMore by the end of this month.

Quite a lot of details at one time! Let's hope they all come true sooner rather then later.

J.K. Rowling reveals new details about upcoming children's book!

In a new interview with The Telegraph,
J.K. Rowling has revealed more details
on her upcoming, unnamed, children's book.

"As the writer of Harry Potter,
I'm always nervous of committing myself
to another children's book, but yes,
the next thing I write will be for children," she said.

"I have a lot of things on my laptop currently,
including a couple of things for children - for a slightly younger age group than Harry Potter
was aimed at - which are nearly done and will, I think, be the next thing I publish.
I have run them by my children and they seem to like them which is always a good sign.

"I also have some ideas for another book for adults but it isn't too far on [in development],"
She added.
What are these possibly two books, and what are they about?
Even if  she has even planned them out it won't be likely that J.K. Rowling
will be revealing any major details concerning them anytime soon.