EA Mobile to release mobile version of newest HP film

EA Mobile, a branch of Electronic Arts, has announced that they are releasing a mobile version based off the new HP film, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince".
The game is planned for released next month. The download price of the game is unknown for the present. Here is the offical discription of the game as presented by Electronic Arts (This notice has been edited from its oringinal format): "Experience the magic of Harry Potter in this exciting new mobile game for feature phones based on the latest installment, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This delivers all the fun of the movie through varied, action-packed gameplay in the interactive setting of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Join Harry, Ron and Hermione as they explore the school grounds, interact with other characters, and battle Dark Forces in an all-new free roaming environment."
Why this game is not premiring with the film itself is still unknown.

HBP game demo premires online

Earlier in the week, a game demo of the newest HP video game,
"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", debued on the web.
Very good timing indeed, given the fact that the game actully is released only about a week after the demo's oringinal release. The game is being released on its assigned date of Tuesday, June 30th, 2009. Only three days from now. The game devlopers say that one of the features of the game is that it has multiplayer modes.
What all of these modes are have not yet been confirmed. It is rumored that players can duel with each other in an arena. EA did say that there is a co-op mode in the game. The game, like the last two games, has been given a E10+ rating by the ESRB.
WB and EA games try to show that this game is much different then the previous one.
There is many extra features advertised to be in the game to make it more appealing to non-HP fans. EA has also made it clear to the public that they have spent a lot of time and effort to make it even more interesting when played on the Nintendo Wii.
It is confirmed that parts of the game will be motion-based on the Wii.
HP fans can only hope, with all these interesting special features, that this game will be as good as its producers say it is.

LEGO Harry Potter set prices raise

Very recently, on amazon.com, the LEGO HP sets are becoming exceedingly rare.
For example, the newest version of the Hogwarts castle, based off the fifth HP film,
now costs $369.99. previously released $9.99 sets for movies 3 and 4 now cost double their original price. The HP LEGO sets are now becoming a collector's item.
So,a suggestion to those who want to get the sets. Get them now, before they get even more expensive then they already are. To the LEGO HP sets, I quote from
William Shakespeare: "Parting is such sweet sorrow".

HP stars forget name of HP film when asked

19-year-old HP star Daniel Radcliffe, and 20 year old HP Co-star Rupert Grint went into a nearby bar late last night, (UK time,) And after drinking their fill, The pair of them were asked by a trivia machine to name the most recently released Harry Potter film. perplexed, They did not have an answer to the question. People around them watched with interest, but did not help them, because they thought they were only having a laugh, them being stars of the mentioned film. They lost the question, but then realized why the bystanders were laughing.
Dan and Rupert themselves laughed after they realized the joke,vand left the bar.

Both of them are currently still filming their roles in the final, two-part adaption of JK. Rowling's final book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

HP director choses splitting point for two part film

David Yates, in an interview with the LA Times, admitted that he had just chosen a good scene to split the final, two-part HP film. He refused to say openly what scene, but said the preferred splitting point was climactic, and it helps to note that Yates and the cast were ending it in a forest scene. What could this final scene be? This question remains unanswered.

Rupert Grint gives his opinion on newest HP film

In an interview, Rupert Grint, acter of HP character Ronald Weasley, talks freely about his character's role in the upcoming film. When discussing his character's
lovelife in the newest film, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". He says:
“At the start, he thinks he’s quite the man. But after a while he finds her a bit overwhelming because his girlfriend is sort of over the top; she’s starting to scare him." Rupert Grint, like many of the other HP actors, seems to think highly of the newest film.

New HBP movie posters premire online

Earlier today, five new posters, as shown on top of this post, were released by WB in an attempt to publisize the release of the film as much as possible, considering the fact that they have less then a month until the premire, and to cause some exitement among the fans. It seemed to have worked. The five offically released pictures depict some of the more major characters of the film. The unusual thing about the released photos is the fact that WB did not put the release date on any of the posters. Below each character in each poster, there is the title of the film,
but no date unlike most movie posters. Another post will be made if more are released.

No more HP LEGO sets to be released

A few weeks ago, LEGO's HP contract expired. Originally, they had signed a contract giving them the option to create and sell sets based of the first five HP films.
But, many months after the fifth film was released, They were given the chance to pay money to have the chance to release more HP building sets by signing a new contract,but they refused. Because of their actions, no more sets based of the films will be released for this new movie, or the last two films following. This seems an odd choice, because recently, LEGO announced that they were underway with producing a video game based off the HP books and films, and debuted a trailer for the game.
The expired contract already came into effect. No HBP sets will be in stores this summer.

DH set photo leaks online

This photo leaked online from the set of the final, two-part film. It appears to be taken from the first part of the two-part film, because they are still casting for the second part, so we can only assume it is not from the second part. It is still unclear what exact scene of the book this picture depicts. If viewers of this blog have any ideas, please feel free to leave a comment below this post.

HP Theatrical trailer edited when shown in theaters

The theatrical trailer for the newest HP film,
"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" has been edited from its main version when shown in theaters. some more of the scarier clips to young viewers that were shown in the original version of the trailer have been edited when shown before films in the theater. No one from WB has officially answered why, but it is possible that WB is trying to advertise the film as family-friendly as possible. Some pictures of the cut clips will be posted on this blog within the week.

Pictures emerge for last HP softcover

Earlier today, ads for the softcover version of the final HP book appeared in the latest issue of Nickelodeon Magazine. A picture appeared on the front cover of the issue, along with information about the film cast, a HP trivia test, and more.
This may seem an unusual amount of publicity for a softcover version of a HP book,
considering how little attention previous american HP softcovers have gotten.
The release for the softcover is set for July 7th, just in time for the 6th film's release on July 15th. According to online retailers, the softcover is 784 pages long.
It is avalible for pre-order in bookstores and online retailers.

Director of HP gives out new details about new film

David Heyman, director of the latest "Harry Potter" film speaks on behalf of the film, saying that the upcoming film "Is no darker" then the previous film,
"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". This is a good thing, because that film was rated PG-13, and this newest film has recieved a PG rating by the MPAA.
HP star Daniel Radcliffe previously had stated that he liked the film, but said
that the film was a little dark. Fans will find out for themselves if this is true.

JK Rowling sued over plagiarism claim

Recently, Bloomsbury Publishing company brought JK Rowling into court, claiming that she plagiarized "substantial parts" of a book they had produced written by another children's author. The book they are refurring to is a very insubstantial booklet running to 36 pages and had a very limited distribution. The booklet was titled The Adventures of Willy the Wizard.
No results of this ongoing court trial are avalible as of now. More information on the trial are expected shortly.

DH movie posters leak online

Thanks to WB. Posters from the final two-part film,
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" leak online to some fan sites,
None of them have been made offical by WB as of now, but they depict scenes
that were clearly in the book. This may be pleasing news to fans, considering
how in some of the previous films, some important scenes and plotlines that were
in the book, never made it into the final script. More pictures will be made avalible within the coming days.

Hardwick Hall rumored to be set in upcoming HP film

Within the last few days, there was an announcement that representatives from WB paid a visit to Hardwick Hall, a famous castle in Derbyshire, and expressed intrest in filming parts of the film at the castle for a short while. This has not yet been confirmed by WB. But they did confirm that if they did decide to film at that location, they would not start filming until early 2010.

Newest HP film rated 12A in UK while PG rating remains in the US

Earlier today, it was revealed to major HP fan websites that the new HP film would recieve a 12A rating in the UK, which is the
equivalent of a PG-13 rating in the US. Yet it was previously announced in the US theatrical trailer for the film that it was rated PG for the following: scary images, some violence, language and mild sensuality. So the question remains, Why is it confirmed to be PG in the US, and recieve a higher rating in the UK? WB has refused to comment on the matter.

IMAX version of latest HP film delayed

It has been announced recently that the IMAX version of the newest HP film,

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" has been delayed until July 29th, exactly two weeks after the film's planned release date alongside the basic version of the film on July 15th because, according to reports online, IMAX had already comitted to show the sequel to "Transformers" for another studio.
And that movie happened to premire only two weeks before the HP movie,
So, the IMAX version of "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was pushed back.
The release date for the basic version of the film will not be affected in the slightest by the changed release date to the IMAX version.

"LEGO Harry Potter" video game scheduled for 2010 release

It was recently announced by LEGO and WB that a LEGO HP game is scheduled for a 2010 release alongside the final two HP films.
The game has also just released its first offical teaser trailer. In the trailer, it shows that the game is based on the first four books/movies of the series. And if there are going to be eight HP movies, a sequel to the game is expected. Few offical snapshots or posters of the game have been released yet, nor has there been an announced release date. the trailer is avalible through this link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/mpd/permalink/m3FVLHD72HO2LM/ref=ent_fb_link .
The game is said to be avalible on these systems: Nintendo DS, PlayStation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, and PC.
No Spicific release date has been announced as of now.
The game is, however, avalible for pre-order from retailers like amazon.com .
More information concerning the game is expected closer to its release.