DH filming update

Over the last few weeks, the film cast for the final HP film,
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" have been seen preparing to film at several different locations. photos of some of the filmed scenes are avalible as of now.
The snapshot shown to the left depicts the character trio walking down a london road titled Tottenham Court road. The road in question appears in more then one form of literature. It has also appeared in the work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, well known for his many novels and stories of Sherlock Holmes. Tottenham Court road appears in one of these crime-solving storits stories. It was not uncommon for real-life locations to appear in his works. So, although it appears unlikely that JK Rowling intentionally copied the street name knowing its previous known appearance, but it is an interesting fact that should be noted.

HP actor Jamie Waylett sentanced

Earlier, it was reported that HP actor Jamie Waylett was charged with growing marijuana. Police had raided his car and, later, house, where they found several cannabis plants being or already grown, as well as a knife, which the police had discovered
It was expected that he would get a maximum jail sentance of 14 years behind bars. However, the judge ruled otherwise. Waylett has been charged with 120 hours of community service. Why this abrupt change of heart took place, no one knows. It was said that he might recieve the maximum sentance.

HBP receives large popularity over short time span

Whether on the silver screen, or in video game format,
"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" appears to attracted great reviews, and money, two things Warner Bros and Electronic Arts are deeply concerned with, as they are with every game.

Reviews of the actual film have been pretty decent. Yahoo Movies shows that both their critics and Yahoo users both agree on a B+ grade. (Yahoo places user reviews all in one group, and combine all the user grades to make an average grade,
thus, a B+). Many theaters sold out of tickets to the midnight premire of the film.
At one particular premire, in New York City, many notable HP acters and actresses attend the premire there, including the main three actors who play the main three characters. The photo above depicts Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter, on the red carpet.

Meanwhile, WB is not relying exclusively on the profits from the offical video game on the gaming systems. WB and Electronic Arts have also produced a mobile video game, following the same plot as the offical video game and film.
(Picture of mentioned mobile game shown above). Though the overall visual graphics no where near as realistic as the main video game, it still will be an intriguing game to those who enjoy downloading and playing games on their mobile phone(s).
The game itself features the usual characters, locations, and objects featured in the HP books and films. It is avalible for purchase through most mobile phone companies. Prices for the game are usually in the $6.99 - $7.99 price range.
Much of the latest news has been adressed.
Hopefully, more photos of the mentioned subjects will be avalible shortly.
Future posts will be made when important HP announcements are made.

Review of Chigago HP exhibit now avalible (Part 2)

Many different props, costumes, models of characters, and much more.
Whem working on a film that requires CGI, (computer generated imagery), like the kind used in the HP films to show some of the more fictional characters. It normally takes a model made by hand before an image of the thing can be transfered to the computor to make the figure move. Some models of the HP creatures were avalible to look at inside the exhibit. And pre-recorded sound effects were added below some of the creatures, so that they would make some of the same sounds as they did in the films. At the very end of the exhibit, the exit led everyone straight into a specially designed gift shop, filled with all kinds of HP collectible items, some exclusive collectibles only avalible when you go to the exhibit. And from there, when you left there, it led us straight back to the museum from which we had started in the first place.

This is the coverage of our visit to the Chigago Museum of Science and Industry.

Review of Chigago HP exhibit now avalible (Part 1)

The building shown in the photo is the Museum of Science and Industry, located in Chigago, Illinois. With three floors of different science exhibits, there is a lot to see. The entire building, with all its exhibits, and a food court, is about the average size of a shopping mall. Most of the people going to the HP exhibit had their tickets in hand while they waited to go into the HP exhibit. Unlike most exhibits, the HP exhibit only lets people in every 10 to 15 minutes. The odd thing is, the exhibit is not even inside the actual museum! It is located outside, kind of. A tunnel of tent canvases leads you to the indoor exhibit from the museum. a guard guards the entrance to it, so that to make sure people have their tickets before entering. To keep people occupied while they wait for their groups' turn inside the exhibit, an announcer would bark out random HP trivia questions from the books or films. Then, when it was time for our group to enter, they approved us one by one, opened the door, and the tour begain.

HP actor Jamie Waylett charged for growing drugs

Jamie Waylett, known to HP fans as playing Draco Malfoy's thug, Vincent Crabbe, is now being charged with fourteen years behind bars for drug possession. Many months ago, the police had found that he had been growing a large amount of marijuana in his house. The final trial to confirm this charge will occur on July 16th, only a day after the US premire of the newest HP film. Unfortunately, if Jamie Waylett is found guilty, then he may not be able to be avalible for filming of the final two films, therefore, it is possible his character may be removed from the two films.

HBP re-rated in Connecticut

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", the newest HP film, has been re-rated, according to movie tickets released by movie theater company AMC theaters. The film is now rated PG-13 according to pre-ordered tickets.

It does not say on the ticket why the film's rating has changed. But reviews of the film seem to explain why. In an interview with HP actor Matt Lewis, he admitts that the film was dark . "There has been an element of darkness all the way through." current HP director David Heyman said in an interview with Showcase Cinemas:
"I think it’s on a par with the previous film". The previous film was rated PG-13.
So is it so far-fetched to believe that HBP may have earned a new rating? After all, in the UK, HBP has been rated 12A, the equivalent of PG-13.

What is unusual is that WB has not yet commented on this. Whether they knew of this new rating or not is unclear. With only a little over a week until the film's premire, if WB knew of this new rating, a statement should be expected.

HP theme park preparing for premire late this year

The upcoming mini theme park, "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", has done major construction, making preparations for the newest addition to Universal's theme park.
A new poll has also just been released, asking people
"What of these(HP)creatures would scare you the most?" the avalible answers are:
The Whomping Willow, A dragon, A basilisk, a dementor, or an acromantula.
Anyone is welcome to vote on the page. To see this poll and others, go to the offical HP theme park website.

The planned premire of the HP part of Universal is set for sometime during winter this year. No specific premire date has been announced as of now, which is the unusual thing. If Universal plans on premiring it during this coming winter, surely they would have released a premire date, and/or other public announcements like allowing people to reserve day passes into the park. Why? This remains unknown.

HBP video game released into stores

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", the newest HP video game, has now been released into stores across the country. Prices of the game vary by system, but the actual game itself has gotten pretty good ratings by players. Not many reviews are avalible as of now. But the Nintendo Wii version of the game has gotten very good grades on sites like amazon.com, where it was given four stars in both reviews.
On the other hand, not all shipments of the game have been recieved yet by retailers like Wallmart. But most other stores have made copies of the game avalible to buy.
The two photos shown on either side of this post are actual screenshots taken from inside the game. One one side, a single photo depicts Harry, keeping his wand at the ready. In the other shows Harry and Dumbledore stopping and staring at something or someone with great intensity. If any suggestions are avalible, anyone is welcome to leave their suggestion or comment about this post below this post by double clicking on the "comments" tab.

itunes premires new HBP clip

Only days ago, itunes, the online music store, premired an exclusive new clip of the newest HP film, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". The clip opens with an introduction by the three HP stars, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint.
The clip itself a little over two minutes in length, featuring many lines used in the book. The clip features one of the more climactic scenes in the book.
(For spoiler reasons, the scene itself will not be named). It is avalible for download on itunes for people to download and watch on their computor, ipod, or other mp3 player.