New Blog updates now added

Many additions to this blog's current features have been added. One of these changes is that the previous charity drive, "The Peace and Human Rights Campaign", has been replaced with the "Action for Animals" foundation.
The reason for this change in charity is one in many decisions recently made, concerning future additions and subtractions to the features depicted on this blog's homepage.

Nearly all the other decisions will NOT come into effect until January 2010.
But two changes that have come into effect are as follows: the LEGO Harry Potter mini-game has been confirmed as a permanent feature on this webpage. Also, a sneak peek of the upcoming HP theme park is available for a limited time on this site.

Bill Nighy discusses role in HP7

In an recent interview, Bill Nighy discusses in detail his role in the seventh film in the Harry Potter franchise.

When discussing his film character, Rufus Scrimgeour, he states: "Scrimgeour is a tragic figure. He knows what's coming.
"It's a very moving thing to play." He also states:
"he has an interesting relationship with Harry, who views him initially with contempt. But then it's softened by subsequent events."

Given how little (yet important) a role this character had in
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", it is surprising, yet relieving, that WB has decided that Bill Nighy's character makes the cut.

new HP theme park details released

"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", the upcoming theme park soon to be featured in Universal's theme park, located in Florida.

A video of the park was just released, and is now avalible on the blog.

It displays the many magical features the park will contain.
Visitors to the HP park will not be disappointed by what they will see.

Note: Because the Harry Potter copyright is held by JK Rowling
and Warner Bros, they do have the right to remove this sneek park at the theme park at any given time, so be warned, this video may not be on this site forever. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Blog Announcement

Updates have been made to this blog, so now the "Share Blog" attachment now includes Google Bookmarks, Readit, and Digg links, along with keeping the pre-existing links to Facebook and Twitter. Now readers of this blog can share all posts and comments listed here.

However, The Order of the Phoenix is not responsible for any inappropriate content depicted on any of the linked webpages.

LEGO Harry Potter game news (Part 2)

In addition to what was discussed in the previous post, "LEGO Harry Potter" will feature multi-player accessibility, similar to previous LEGO produced video games.

It has not been said if the game will have versus game modes,
like in one of the LEGO Star Wars games, but two player drop-in, drop-out
Co-Op is confirmed as a game feature, where a second player can jump into the game at any given time.

One suspected but possible feature in the game is the ability to fight game bosses. In every single LEGO video game to date, players would have to defend themselves against computor controlled characters, and hit them with both player weapons, and background objects until the boss runs out of health.

Players will have the opportunity to experiment with the game's features when it premires in stores in Spring 2010.

LEGO Harry Potter game news (part 1)

In an interview with Game Insider, LEGO reveals some informational hints concerning the game's gameplay, along with some new screenshots and posters.

In the interview with Game Insider, LEGO was careful not to reveal too much about the gameplay in their newest
"LEGO Harry Potter" video game, but it was hinted that players could explore areas in the Harry Potter world that was not shown very much in the films, as well as interact with computor controlled characters, much like the "LEGO Star Wars" video games, where you could trade with computor characters to unlock new playable characters, or fight with or against them.

Another revealed secret was that the player's characters
evolve and can unlock new abilities. Much still remains unknown about the game however, which is how LEGO likes it.

HP7 trailer announcement

As predicted in the last post, WB has removed the HP7 trailer off YouTube due to a "copyright claim", which is in their rights, seeing as they projected the trailer onto the internet, they can take it off too.
All good things must come to an end, appearantly including the trailer.

Blog announcement

A couple of announcements for the blog. First,
Thank you to everyone who contribuated to the Peace & Human Rights campaign. It has quickly become a success.

Second, the HP7 trailer may be removed from the site shortly, because it is uncertain if WB will allow it to remain on the web.

A more pleasant announcement is that there may be some pleasant changes to this blog to replace the HP trailer, so as to make this site more interactive for visitors. A statement discussing this will be avalible as soon as things are decided.
Thank You, and Happy Holidays!

HP7 teaser trailer now online

HP fans now have access to the teaser trailer of the upcoming film,
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" through this blog.

Though it should be noted that in the unlikely event this video is taken off Youtube, through which this trailer is avalible from, then the trailer will be taken off this blog as well. For the meantime however, enjoy!

HP7 teaser trailer leaked online

Only a day or two ago, Warner Bros, producer of all HP films to date had released a teaser trailer of the upcoming film
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1". Unfortunetly WB reconsidered their choice of putting their trailer on the web, and took it off the web. Most fansites were less then happy about this change of heart, and stubbornly refused to take it off. But most agreed, a little unwillingly, and took the copies of the trailer off their websites.

It is unclear why WB decided after all their effort to put the trailer on the web, just to place it off-limits again.

HP6 DVD review

Yesterday, the sixth and newest film in the Harry Potter movie franchise premired on DVD at most retailers. With the basic version of the film, viewers recieve only the film, but the deluxe edition features not only deleated and extended scenes, but also interviews with the HP cast, and exclusive sneek peeks at the upcoming HP theme park in Orlando, Florida, and a sneek peek at the final two HP films of the series.

Both versions, basic and deluxe, of the film are apperantly selling very well with all the holiday shoppers.

New LEGO HP trailer!

A new trailer is now avalible on this site displaying some of the gameplay in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. The game will be released to the public in Spring 2010, only about nine months before the grand premire of the seventh film in the HP franchise, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1".

This trailer will replace its predecessor on this site to conserve space.

Blog earning money for the Peace & Human Rights campaign

Thanks to the readers of The Order of the Phoenix, support for the selected charity, the Peace & Human Rights camaign is doing well. As readers know from the previous post, all donations will go directly to the campaign, promoting peace in the world, which is what Harry Potter stands for.
"Peace to the World, and goodwill torward man".
Happy Holidays.

Blog upate

Thanks to a choice made by the staff of this blog, This site is proud to be an offical sponser of the Peace & Human Rights campaign.

Feel free to donate to this excellent cause. All proceeds go directly to the campaign to support peace in the world as well as promote and/or human rights.

New HP 7 scene added to part 1 of film

Earlier in an interview with David Heyman, director of HP films 5 & 6, he let slip that WB had added a scene into the film that was not previously there.

In a wedding scene in book seven of the Harry Potter series, filmakers have added a dance scene with Harry and Hermione not shown or mentioned in the books that filmakers think will "go with the overall plot of this film".

If this is indeed true or not, either way, fans will have to find out themselves when the film premires in November 2010.