PotterMore announces big plans to expand!

PotterMore appears to be all over the news
these past few weeks. I think it's time for a recap:

*PotterMore plans to expand services:
 This was an interesting newstory,
not just because of it's title, because PotterMore
always seems to be planning new expansions,
but this quote from PotterMore's CEO,
Charlie Redmayne caught my eye:
"As it stands, if you don’t know the books,
you won’t get much out of PotterMore.
What we want to do is open it out for those people who haven’t read the books, or who haven’t seen the films, but perhaps come to it via the LEGO, or the Harry Potter computer games.”
How does PotterMore plan to attract potential viewers using these existing franchises?
I'd be all for embracing LEGO into PotterMore.

Dumb suggestion:Would LEGO PotterMore building sets seem an appropriate marketing tool?
It'll be interesting to see what they end up doing. This update is scheduled for late Summer.

PotterMore addresses complaints centered around poor commentating on its site:
One of the biggest "D'oh" moments on PotterMore is when you post a comment on the site,
anywhere on the site, and it takes anywhere up to an hour to be approved, and then posted.
PotterMore's seemingly overuse of user censorship has been said
to be one of its biggest drawbacks.
Fortunately, the PotterMore development team has, at last, you could say,
taken an interest in the problem, quickly addressed it, and upgraded the entire
user commentating system, which greatly speeds up the comment approval process:
"We recently improved the performance of commenting across the site.
As a result you should now see your posts appear almost immediately."

So? What do you think? Does this perk your curiosity?
Will PotterMore change the game, and gain the loyalty of a whole different audience?
We'll just have to hold our breath and find out...

(Don't seriously try to hold your breath that long.
PotterMore won't move THAT quickly. Cheers!)