New LEGO Harry Potter screenshots avaliable

Just recently, released new in-game screenshots of the upcoming
LEGO Harry Potter video game. This first screenshot was taken from one of the teaser trailers of the game, yet it is refreshing to see new photos, regardless of where and when they were taken.

Both pictures show the high quality of the mentioned game, and Warner Brothers effort to make both Harry Potter fans, and LEGO fans content with the game. Hopefully, this will come true, and content both fan groups.

Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park ad to air during SuperBowl

This coming Sunday, the Superbowl premieres, bringing with it a new sneak peek at the upcoming addition to Universal Orlando's theme park,
"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", featuring two rides based on the Harry Potter books & films, shops strewn with exclusive HP merchandise, sightseeing attractions, and more!

Little indeed is known about the video clip of the park, except that it will air during a commercial break.

This announcement was unexpected, but not unrealistic.

The Superbowl has been know to, in the past, feature clips, trailers, and advertisements for movies, CDs, DVDs, and food and drink ads.

Now HP fans have another reason to look forward to the Superbowl for another reason then just the football game, with a new HP theme park trailer on its way.

New LEGO Harry Potter trailer surfaces

Yesterday, the HP fandom received a surprise when Warner Brothers debuted a new gameplay trailer for "LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4". The trailer itself reveals new content not seen in past trailers.

The first trailer showed clips from the game, not being specific to any one film.

The second trailer showed clips of the first HP film, and now, the third teaser trailer for the game depicts only content from the second HP book/film.

So, with WB now throwing HP fans a curveball by producing two movie specific trailers, could it be possible that two more trailers may come, therefore making four trailers for the four movies included in the game?

therefore, the question remains, how many LEGO Harry Potter trailers will LEGO & WB produce before the game's release in March?

Fans will just have to wait and find out.

HP films 7 & 8 rumored to have complete 3-D

According to The Hollywood Reporters owned blog, "Heat Vision", the site claims that it is WB's intent to release the film adaptions of J.K. Rowling's final book,
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows", in pure 3-D from beginning to end.
This is indeed an unusual change, for before now, only 10-15 minutes of the films were produced with IMAX 3-D graphics. Also, it is unclear whether "Potter" author J.K. Rowling has approved the moving fully into the third dimension.

"I would not think it would be an issue to establish ourselves in the 3D marketplace", a studio insider stated when interviewing "Heat Vision".

So does this indicate a possible fully 3-D "Potter" movie?

No statement has been issued from either Warner Bros or J.K. Rowling concerning this rumor. So for now, this news will be treated as a rumor unless proven otherwise.

JK Rowling participates in auction to raise money for Haiti

JK Rowling, acclaimed author of the seven HP books, participates in an auction, donating a set of all seven HP books, signed by herself, to raise money for the people of Haiti, who are still recovering from a massive earthquake.

JK Rowling has in the past been very considerable in her effort to raise money for multiple legit organizations.

She is not the only UK author participating in this event. Multiple authors have contributed their additions to the charity drive. And all 100% of the given money from the sales of the items will go directly to the island of Haiti, and the people suffering in it.

None of the author expect to gain profit from the event, but are content with the fact that their efforts will benefit others in less preferable situations.

JK Rowling & Mary Grandpre raising money for charity

In florida state, a young man, possessing a copy of the seventh HP book, signed by both JK Rowling, and Mary Grandpre, is now auctioning it online for anyone to buy.

All proceeds going to non-profit organizations.

Harry Potter fans have always been generous to the needy, and now is no exception. Already, the bidding has raised thousands of dollars, and the race is on for the one evasive signed copy of
"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". Good Luck, and happy bidding!

The Order of the Phoenix gains access to new LEGO Harry Potter video

Earlier today, The Order of the Phoenix network gained access to a new official video interview with a TT games employee, who works on the game design of the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter game. Among other things in the interview, he stated that designing the LEGO Harry Potter game is a little more different then other LEGO games. And he empathized that each character in the game is unique in some respect. For example, playing as Harry Potter, the player can ride broomsticks easier then others, but is not as adapt at spellcasting. Hermione Granger does not have the ability to fly on brooms, but is more efficient and spellcasting, and can perform it quicker then some.

Players will also be able to explore more freely then in most previous LEGO games, giving players the opportunity to discover some bonus missions or challenges, some of which may unlocked by collecting certain items in the game, or by casting certain spells to reveal them.

With interactive features like these, the LEGO games have just gotten a whole lot better.

LEGO Harry Potter sneek peek series premire

It is now time for the
Order of the Phoenix to reveal this week's sneek peek of the upcoming video game,
"LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4".

The game's poster and rating show that the game's intended rating is for everyone 10 and up, although most HP fans under that age range will end up getting the game regardless.

Above is a snapshot of the game in mid-play. The game's economy system seems similar to the "LEGO Star Wars" games, where players will collect and save "studs", which are LEGO bricks that, when earned, are used in an area in the games for buying unlockable characters, buy cheats such as invincibility, or enter cheat codes.

Another connection to LEGO's previous games is the familiar cartoon-like 3-D graphics seen in previously produced LEGO video games.

But the enhanced 3-D graphics during cutscenes make up for the graphics during gameplay. The game is confirmed to contain nearly all the songs in the first four HP film soundtracks, playing them during gameplay.

Neither HP fans nor LEGO fans will be disappointed by the game, which premieres into stores this March.

WB legalizes LEGO HP trailer download

Recently, Warner Bros finally made it legal to download the LEGO Harry Potter video game trailers, after fighting what seemed like a losing game of tug-of-war with the fans over the trailer.

Before now, the only legit copies of the trailers for LEGO Harry Potter were only on the major websites like YouTube, some fan websites, and through online shopping sites such as . One trailer of the game also appeared on the sixth HP film, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", when it premired on DVD for Cristmas 2009. Now HP fans can now legally download the trailer onto most PCs and MACs.

(Even though most of the fandom has done it beforehand). to download the trailer, cut and paste this link into the computer: ).

More LEGO Harry Potter news

With the game's release only months away, Warner Bros has unleashed many new in-game snapshots for to-be players to enjoy. The poster to the left is a new offical poster for the game.
In the right corner of this post is some new artwork showing a
3-D character animation of Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts, Harry's magical school,(literally).

Many game photos have leaked online, but out of respect for Warner Bros and TT games,
producors of the game, The Order of the Phoenix will not show them all at once,
but to keep the fans entertained during the wait for the game, once a week, The Order of the Phoenix will release a photo of the game.

This does not apply to offical posters of the game.

Unfortunetly, feed viewers of the site will not be able to see the photos as well.
These photos are exclusive to the main webpage, and feed readers will not be able to access the photos through the feed.

New LEGO Harry Potter poster emerges

Recently, a poster for the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter video game emerged on the web. This does not come as a surprise, since both Warner Bros and LEGO have hinted in past interviews that some
in-game snapshots might leak online, but the photo is actually a poster for the UK version of the game. It reveals nothing new, but the artwork alone may still be worth looking at.
This poster is said to be exclusive to the web.

Detailed HP theme park photos now avalible!

"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", the massive HP addition to Universal's already build theme park, has now allowed construction photos to leak online to HP fans. Above and to the left is a construction picture of what is rumored to be Hogsmede village, as shown in both the HP books & films.
Depicted to the left here is a photo of Hogwarts castle itself.

(Both photos are unoffical, and were taken by dedicated HP fans).
A lot of different things will also be located in Hogsmede villiage, such as Zonko's Joke Shop, Honeydukes, (candy shop), and many other things will await visitors when the park opens in Spring 2010.

HP Ultimate Editions clip now on site

In this post is embedded a deleated scene from the first Harry Potter film, avalible only on the Ultimate Edition of the film. Along with this post is a 2-minute deleated scene from the Ultimate Edition. To see the entire film, along with ALL the deleated and extended scenes, you can purchase it through most retailers. Enjoy!

HP theme park releases posters of park

The upcoming HP theme park, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, has new construction photos avalible, along with a decent poster. Below is a photo of the nearly completed Hogwarts Castle, ast featured in all seven books in the
Harry Potter series.

Up until now, any pictures released were either of partly constructed buildings, or artwork depicting what the buildings would be like when they were completed.
All avalible evidence, and their sudden frequency suggests that the HP addition to Universal's park may open when it is rumored to be, in late Spring 2010.

More Blog 2010 updates

Recently, updates have been made to this webpage by the
Order of the Phoenix staff. One, rather pleasant change is that we are happy to announce that the Order of the Phoenix is now readable in ten different languages,
so readers across the globe will now be able to enjoy this blog as well.

Another announcement is that, because of the malfunctions of the LEGO Harry Potter game, repairs have been made, and it is once again playable.

The third and final announcement is that
The Order of the Phoenix is sponsered by Blogger, Feedburner, and Google.
Blogger, because it allowed the creation of this site, Feedburner, because it manages the feed for the Order of the Phoenix, and Google, because of its fantastic
site translator, which allows the Order of the Phoenix to live up to its description of reaching "Harry Potter fans across the globe".

Thanks to all three companies, without whom, this site would never be what it is today.

HP6 entered in Oscar Awards

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", the newest movie in the HP franchise, has been entered in the Oscar Awards, nominated under visual effects. Other 2009 films such as "Avatar", "Star Trek", and "2012" have also been entered into the Oscar Awards under the same catagory.

On January 21st, 15 minute clips of the seven nominated 2009 films will be viewed, then an announcement will be announced on Febuary 2nd, announcing what final three films will remain competing for the award, and which four will be the ones to go.

Blog Announcements

A handful of new updates have been made to this site that require announcement. First, The "Share Blog" icon has been updated to include two more social networks, Blip, and Pinger. Also, one new playable game has been added to the
Order of the Phoenix's database. It is now stationed directly under the
"Share Blog" icons, and the notice listing the playable games and activities.

This is all that has been changed, and no future changes will be made in the short term to our list of playable games.

Recent HP6 movie news

The newest installment of the Harry Potter film franchise,
"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", has been the central source of news for fans of the HP novels, or their film adaptions.

Recently, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was given an award by Yahoo Movies for being #5 on their "Most viewed movie trailers of 2009" list.

Also, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" ended up in the top ten all-time grossing films of all time, following behind Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and Twilight: New Moon, both films that had both premiered this year along with HP6.

Although HP6 made more money then most of its predecessors, it failed to knock aside the first HP film, which remains the all-time grossing Harry Potter film to date.