PotterMore Insider reveals how a PotterMore scene is created!

In a new "Making-Of" blog post launched
just a few days ago, the PotterMore Insider
goes into detail with Harry Potter fans
how a scene from the books is selected,
and re-created for use on PotterMore.

The artwork featured to the left is taken from an upcoming
PotterMore chapter of "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban."

"Many of you have expressed curiosity about how a Pottermore Moment is produced,
so we’re going to take you behind the scenes for an insight into how a Moment is created,
starting with the Magical Menagerie Moment from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

In order to provide a faithful companion to the reading experience without replicating
each and every passage from the books, we select key or interesting scenes
from the stories to depict on Pottermore.

Each potential scene is weighed against various criteria, from its relative importance
in the narrative, to how it might look when visualised, and if it lends itself to the inclusion
of interactive features and content.

We also like to highlight scenes that were omitted from the films,
or those where the film depiction differs from the books.

Like all Pottermore.com Moments, the Magical Menagerie Moment began its life as a black and white sketch that was drawn from a detailed brief based on thorough research into the location and moment being depicted."

What do you think of this process?
Does PotterMore accurately depict what was in the books through using this process?
It's an interesting creative process, if nothing else.