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Welcome to the Order of the Phoenix News Network, a fan-made Harry Potter webpage, dedicated to news surrounding the books or films, and publishing them with a fair and unbiased description.

The Order of the Phoenix first opened its doors on May 9th 2009, and is proud to be a moderate hit on Blogger, and to own its own subscribable feed, thanks to Feedburner.

Q. What does the Order of the Phoenix have that other Harry Potter blogs don't?
A. We have a great newsroom, we stay on top of the latest, and sometimes breaking news
affecting the Harry Potter fandom. We've gotten many exclusives scoops that others didn't,
and we have been so successful that this blog spawned a Harry Potter themed podcast,
PhoenixCast, which has done fairly well, thanks to Libsyn.com, who hosts it.
And we have a fandom of our own, appearently, according to our Blogger Stats,
which tracks the total amount of views on our blog, and what our viewers have viewed.
We've had over 12,000 views between July 2010 and July 2011, in total.

We hope you will enjoy the Order of the Phoenix, and we welcome any who wish
to subscribe to us, whether through our main site, or through our feed:

Q. What's a feed?

Answer: Think of a feed as a simple way to subscribe to the blog, and read posts without having to go to our main site. You can subscribe by numerous ways,
via google, e-mail, or more! After subscribing, you will be sent a pre-programmed
confirmation message from our site, confirming that you subscribed to our feed.
Then as new posts are made on our site, they will be sent to your e-mail or feed reader
account at around the same time every posting day.
Subscribers are permitted at any time to unsubscribe.
But if you do unsubscribe, then want to rejoin, you will have to
start the whole subscribing process over again.

Q. What subscribing process?

Answer: To subscribe to our feed, you will have to do this: underneath the blog posts, there is a link titled: Subscribe to the Order of the Phoenix. double-click on it, type in your e-mail, and answer the security question we added via Blogger, which requires you to type in five or six random letters into the box underneath. We have installed this to prevent spam, and also to stop people from subscribing with the same e-mail account on more then one device.

We also have our own Harry Potter podcast, PhoenixCast,
on which we discuss the latest Harry Potter news,
go back and review two Harry Potter book chapters per episode,
make special announcements, and more!

You can visit PhoenixCast's official blog by double-clicking
the following link: http://phoenixcastpodcast.blogspot.com/ .

 You can also subscribe to us through Google by using this link:
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The Order of the Phoenix News Network is in no way affiliated with J.K. Rowling,
Warner Bros., or anyone involved in the production of any of the Harry Potter
books or films. The Order of the Phoenix is an unauthorized fan produced website with
no affiliation with J.K. Rowling, Warner Bros, or anyone else in the production of either
Harry Potter books or films.