LEGO releases delayed LEGO Harry Potter game demo!

At long last, we have found that LEGO has finally released the
PC demo of the newly released LEGO Harry Potter:
Years 1-4 video game, now available for
Nintendo Wii, PS3, PC, PSP, and Xbox 360.

This came as rather a shock, considering the game has been in stores
for over a month. But never the less, a free downloadable demo of the
game, including one full game level, can be safely downloaded straight from
the producers of the game from this link: .

Photos of Lego Harry Potter 2010 building sets now online!

Thanks to photos presented to us by,
an unofficial LEGO fan website, photos of some upcoming official Harry Potter building sets from LEGO coming this fall are now on our site.

To the left is one of the mentioned sets,
Hogwarts castle.

All the sets being produced are featured in both the Harry Potter books and films.

 The Hogwarts Castle set includes 11 buildable
mini figures as well as the castle itself.

Next up is the
school train,
the Hogwarts Express,
the train that takes Harry
and his friends to the magical school.
This set includes five minifigures as well as
numerous animal figurines.

For more information about these sets, please
double-click the following link titled "Read More".

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Harry Potter author now celebrates birthday!

On July 31st, Harry Potter author JK Rowling will be celebrating her 45th birthday while her book character Harry Potter also will be celebrating his birthday as well.

So for those of you who are viewing this page today in the UK, please join us in wishing JK Rowling and Harry Potter both a very happy birthday!

Harry Potter 7 video game now available for pre-order!

Now through several online venders, the seventh Harry Potter video game is now available for pre-order.

The game will be available for the following
gaming platforms: Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3,
Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo DS.

It has been confirmed that there will be some
sort of online capability for the Nintendo Wii
version of the game.

No word yet on if there will be an online mode
                                                    for the systems other apart from the Nintendo Wii.

To pre-order the game, you can use the following link:

Analysis of HP7 trailer at Comic-Con now online!

As was mentioned in the previous post, Warner Brothers unveiled a new trailer for the final two-part
Harry Potter film, part one premiering this November, the second part opening July 2011.

The clip showed Harry and his two friends Ron and Hermione on the run in a dark world after Voldemort and his cronies overtake the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts school,
and declaring Harry and his friends public enemies, force them into hiding. The uproar causes a civil war among wizardkind, causing everyone to take a side.Meanwhile, Harry and the other two try to work together to topple the dark lord and re-establish peace.

This analysis was made possible by information published by over a dozen sites that attended Comic-Con 2010.

Info concerning Harry Potter event at Comic-Con 2010 now online!

This weekend, Comic-Con, one of the largest cultural events of the year,
was previously announced to feature Harry Potter in one of its available auditoriums.

Comic-Con is known to feature not only comic book writers and artists,
but to promote upcoming books, comic books, and films.

A little while back, Warner Bros announced that they would be making a Harry Potter presentation at Comic-Con,
                                              including footage from the next two HP films.

If fans were expecting several notable names from the Potter films,
they were sadly mistaken.

Only one member of the cast was present at the presentation, along with some people from Warner Bros.

Many sites that had staff attend the event also expressed disappointment at the lack of organization.

For more information concerning the new film footage shown at the event, our next post will cover other additional details.

New book quote!

We are a little late, but a new Harry Potter book quote is now online today.
This week's quote is copied from the United States copy of the second HP book,
"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets".

As usual, the next quote will be online sometime next weekend.

If our viewers have any suggestions for next week's quote, leave any suggestion
in the comments page which will be re-opened for this post only!

Comments have otherwise been disabled except for certain events, such as this.

For security measures however, commentators will have to pass our brief security test.

Hurry, this offer ends soon!

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Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe celebrates 21st birthday!

Just yesterday, Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe privately celebrated his 21st birthday, which most of the Harry Potter fandom well knew
So we decided to join in commemorating his birthday by making this post.

Radcliffe is currently slated to be in several movies within the next five years.

Happy Birthday!

Warner Bros release new HP7 video game promotion site

About a month ago, Warner Bros
released a new promotional website
for the seventh HP video game.

Over that time, pictures taken from
the game have been released on
EA's Harry Potter 7 game site: .

It also says on their site that the game's
art director, Kelvin Tuite, was present
at the Harry Potter convention that took place in Orlando, Florida about a week ago.

Currently, we have little information about the event.

It was announced that artwork from the game was displayed, and Tuite gave a speech about the game.

All that we do know currently is that players will have more action present in the game
and the graphics will be beyond any fan expectations.

Over 3,000 fans attended the event

Third Harry Potter Ultimate Edition release date announced!

Thanks to, Harry Potter fans now can pre-order the third and fourth ultimate editions, which will be released in the US on
October 19th.

Please note however that if ordering a copy online, delivery may take longer.

More information about both the third and fourth editions may become avaliable soon.

New subscription options now available!

Just tonight,  we updated the "subscribe" page, adding new subscription links to it.

Viewers can now subscribe and recieve our posts
through e-mail, Google, Yahoo, and .

JK Rowling to be tried before US Supreme Court

Just yesterday, it was announced that the trial between Harry Potter author JK Rowling and the estate of
Adrian Jacobs will come to a verdict on US soil.

The dispute is centered around the fourth
Harry Potter book and Jacob's book,
"The Adventures of Willy the Wizard",
A low-budget UK children's book released in 1987.
Jacobs died before the fourth HP book was released,
so the estate trustee Paul Allen is taking up the stand.

Site announcement

After a survey of this site's popularity for the last 30 days, we are very pleased to announce that the results are now in.

For the last 30 days,
the site has attracted
258 views, and on average, six subscribers.

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Release dates for HP ultimate editions 3 & 4 just announced!

Just today, it was confirmed that
Warner Bros will continue releasing their line-up of Harry Potter ultimate editions, which includes footage originally cut from the theatrical version of the films, as well as documentaries, and a digital copy that can be copied onto a computer or an MP3 player.

The first two ultimate editions were released late last year. The third and fourth ultimate editions will be released October 19th this year.

Harry Potter 7 footage to be shown at upcoming ComicCon Convention!

As was previously announced, Warner Bros has confirmed that
footage from the last two Harry Potter films, along with footage from a few other upcoming films Warner Brothers is producing, will be shown at ComicCon 2010, a convention that occurs annually.

However, Warner Bros announced online today that none of the Harry Potter actors will be attending the event. The Harry Potter part of the convention is slated to begin at
11:45 am Saturday morning,
And finish around 1:45 that afternoon.

If the footage from the convention does get released online,
You can be sure to find it here soon after.

Harry Potter movie 7 page and HP book quote now updated!

Just today, hi-res copies of the Harry Potter 7 behind-the scenes videos originally
exclusive to ABC Family have found their way online.
The two behind-the-scenes videos can be found on our Harry Potter 7 movie page.

Our "book quote" feature has now been updated with a new quote.
As usual, viewers can expect the book quote feature to be updated every weekend.

Please note that the quotes featured originated from either the Harry Potter books
or films.

New Harry Potter 7 clip now on site!

From today to Sunday, ABC Family will be re-playing Harry Potter films 1-5.

Along with the films ABC Family will be behind the scenes sneek peeks of the final two films.

Thanks to Harry Potter fans on YouTube,
one of these videos has been posted online to YouTube,
and then transfered from YouTube to our webpage.

The video (which is in rather poor video and audio quality), can be found
on our "Harry Potter 7" movie page until a hi-res version can be located.

New page opened, more Harry Potter 7 video footage now on our site!

Thanks to dedicated Harry Potter fans who uploaded a trailer Warner Bros had previously released with the LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 collector's edition, copies of the sneek peek were put on YouTube, where we picked it up. So now, with one full-length trailer and one sneek peek given to us,
We opened a new page where both videos can be viewed. Please note, however, that the footage shown in either video are scenes from a possible PG-13 rated movie, and should be treated as such.

The new page can be found in our site pages index, which is located along with our other main page features
to the right of our posts

LEGO launches new LEGO Harry Potter site!

Launched with the US premire of the
LEGO Harry Potter video game, the
all-new site for the Harry Potter based building sets designed by LEGO is now online.

For nearly nine years, LEGO has produced building sets, allowing builders to re-create scenes and locations seen in the films and discribed in the Harry Potter books.

But in 2009, stated that they would not be producing any such sets, as Warner Bros had not signed an agreement that approved it, and shut down the LEGO Harry Potter website that had previously created.

But before the premire of the LEGO Harry Potter video game which is now out, confrimed that future LEGO Harry Potter building sets were under production with a Fall 2010 release.

The photo to the left is character artwork, and below the HP character are the numbers 4738, which we speculate is the ID number of the set in which that character is featured.

To visit the new site devoted to the LEGO Harry Potter building sets, go to:

To see more character artwork, click on the link titled: "Read More".

Book quote feature now added!

Just today, a new feature was added to our site, so that, once a week, a new quote from either the Harry Potter books or films will be put onto the site.

The weekly quote can be found to the right side of the blog, underneath the
creative commons license and the blog description.

The weekly quote gadget will be updated with a new quote every Saturday.
So look out for a new quote next weekend!

Warner Bros releases new HP7 site, movie info and more included!

Premiering just after the newly released trailer of the final two films,
the new Harry Potter 7 offical movie site fatures all new site features
dedicated exclusively to the final two films.

This is not the first time Warner Bros has decided to re-model the site.
In between each of the Harry Potter films, Warner Bros re-designs the site to better advertise the upcoming film.

Along with the newly re-designed site came a new poster of the next film,
which is displayed next to this post.

While the fact remains that there is no confirmation as to where in the next two films this photo was taken from, the general belief is that the film photo was taken from a known battle scene that takes place at the near end of the book.

LEGO Harry Potter video game now in stores!

This past Tuesday, LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, the newest harry potter video game, was released into stores.

The game has so far recieved good reviews all around, praising its entertaining, yet challenging, gameplay.

LEGO Harry Potter was released for Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PSP, and PC.

A collector's edition was also exclusively released for pre-order, priced at $69.99, exactly $20 more then the regular edition of the game.

The collector's edition, which is no longer available for purchase, features several
extra features not included in the basic edition including:

  • Behind the scenes of LEGO Harry Potter
  • Deleted game cutscenes
  • "Fun on the set of Harry Potter
And more!

A review of the game will be online within the week.