HBP lands in top 15 in box office list

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", the newest addition to the world-wide franchise, has made quite an impression on the worldwide box office. The movie currently stands at 14th at the worldwide box office with $886 million dollars, passing the second film, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets", which earned
$878.6 million dollars, and stopped at No. 15 on the list. It doesn't seem unlikely that it'll finish somewhere in the top 10. It is still 68 million dollars short of passing the highest earning film in the series,
"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone", the first, and highest-grossing film in the entire series to date, coming in at $938.2 million dollars. Though people were originally concerned, given the fact that it went from #1 earning movie in the first week, then got bumped down by Disney's film, "G-Force". Although it lost first place, the film has so far appeared to be a steady earner.

HBP DVD cover revealed

Since the film had just been released July 15th, some fans debate if this might be a tad early for DVD covers yet, and yet here it is. The picture on the left is shown to be the two-disk special edition of the film. All the HP films to date have had both basic and special editions released simultaneously. And the two films in the series that have been released in July, movies 3 and 5, have both been released in the same timespan, mid-November. This is just in time for christmas, the timeframe when,generally, the most DVD copies are sold. This is a good opportunity for WB in another way as well. The DVD will be released almost exactly a year before the premire of the following film in November 2010.

HP film franchise blamed for owl abuse

While most people have praised the HP film franchise, HP film haters now have a new reason to rant. The reason being Harry Potter's owl, Hedwig. Her appearances in the films and books have made young children beg their parents for an owl like Harry's.
And some did. Only months ago, the United States government has placed heavier restrictions on the importations of exiotic animals, like owls. Suddenly, people have to surrender their owls and try to release them in a natural environment.
The result, too many owls on their own. In an interview with UK newspaper site,
"The Telegraph", animal expert Don Walser, who has just opened a owl sanctuary in Newport, CT, stated: "The problem is that no licence is required, anyone can buy an owl." But not everyone is best suited for raising one.

HP exhibit to next visit Boston museum

"Harry Potter: The Exhibition", the exhibit, featuring props, costumes, and other accessories, which is currently hosted in the Chigago Museum of Science and Industry, will next visit Boston as part of its current tour of the US. Where it is expected to go after its Boston visit is currently unknown.
But WB representatives have stated that fans will not regret going to its new location, for they confirmed thaat they will be adding props and other objects from the final two films as they tour the country. This is not the first time the museum has been used as a base for other exhibits. Only a few years ago, the museum played host to an exhibit based on the reknown "Star Wars" sci-fi films. There was a large amount of space dedicated to the exhibit, and the space avalible would perfectly suit an "Harry Potter" exhibit, and everything it contains, plus the extra material that may be added by WB. The exhibit is planned for an October release. Tickets to the exhibit are sold separately, and are not included in admittions to the rest of the museum.

HP film extended editions rumored to be released

As unofficially announced by Warner Bros, the producer of all the HP films, the entire HP film series will be re-released, with deleated or extended scenes included.
However, some sites are not over-excited by this fact. Some worry that the extended parts will not add much to the pre-existing films. Some compare the extended editions to the kind shown on ABC Family from time to time, featuring less then a quarter of an hour's extra footage.

Though either way, the releases of the extended films will appease the die-hard fans, such as myself, WB might be hard pressed to please the average film viewer, when the previous film version can be bought for only $9.99 at most stores.
At the present time, little details are known about these extended editions, so, for the present, it should be counted as a rumor until WB representatives confirm otherwise.

HBP scores large sum worldwide

"Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince", the newest addition to the HP franchise, has appeared to make quite an impression at the box office, scoring 255 and a half milion dollars in total so far, and WB has made the impression previously that it will keep on rolling. Overseas, however, the film was an even bigger hit, earning WB over 493 million dollars. However, most people in general were unsure about the overall amount, considering the fact that, in the second box office week, the film's earnings had dropped by 50% in total. But the film so far has made an admirable amount, as do most of the films in the HP series have done. And, although the earnings still remain good, the amounts are dropping. Though the newly released IMAX version of the film is doing well, and has made more then a fair share, the amounts are dropping, but not as bad as some predicted. Which suits WB just fine.