Daniel Radcliffe filming commercial for charity

Recently, it was revealed that Daniel Radcliffe, who stars in the HP films, is currently in the process of filming a commercial for the Trevor Project, a foundation founded to help prevent gay and lesbian suicide."Some are gay, some are straight — dosen't make any difference to me," said Radcliffe in an interview with MTV.

It is currently unclear if or when the commercial will be shown on TV in the US,
or if it will be shown exclusively in the UK.

Radcliffe also stated that the Trevor Project will soon be available for download as an app for the iphone and the ipod touch.

HP theme park passes now avalible for pre-order

Recently, Universal made it possible for fans to pre-order passes into Universal's theme park, and the HP section itself. According to Universal's website, 4 day passes cost $285 apeice for adults, and $130 per child.

The passes come with benefits within the HP park too. The four day passes lets visitors have breakfast at the Three Broomsticks at no cost, rest at a hotel within the park, and discounts on food and drink at the park.

While the passes are expensive to purchase, they certainly provide a great deal of benefits.

HP7 film trailer removed from site

Today, the trailer of the final two-part final film(s) was removed. This was due to two different reasons: Copyright issues, and rotating site extras. Warner Bros could remove the trailer at any time, and for all the excellent features Blogger provides, it is painfully limited on website space.
So The Order of The Phoenix replaced it with a countdown timer for the first part of the final film, a small, but interesting feature, which may stay on the blog's main page until the film's release in November.

Readers of this network's feed will not be able to view these features unless they visit the site itself. All blog features cannot be viewed via feed.

Photos from HP films 7 & 8 now on site

Now ready for display on this site are new photos from the final two part film,
 "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

Not all of the photos can fit one single post, however, so in the next two or three following posts, unless news of greater importance suddenly appears.

LEGO Harry Potter game cover revealed

After months of no available official game cover for the US, we finally have it.

The game producers have not yet officially announced the game's release date, but it is speculated that the game may be released in early May.

The game is confirmed for availability on the following platforms: Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, PSP, PC, and XBOX 360.

HP7 film news

Over the last several weeks, there have been many different pieces of news surrounding the last two Harry Potter films.

The first important piece is that some weeks ago, Warner Brothers OFFICIALLY announced what was rumored for weeks before, that the final two films in the HP saga would be produced fully in 3-D at IMAX compatible theaters.

Also, it is said on IMBD.com that the first part of
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is currently in Post-Production status.

So it looks like the first part of the film is on schedule for its November premiere.
It appears that Warner Brothers had learned its lesson when the company pushed the film back from November 2008 to July 2009, and is intent on releasing the film on the proper day.

Also reported by IBMD.com, 58 different actors have been chosen for roles in the final two films, not including cameos and other similarly small roles.

There may indeed be more actors in the films, but not all roles and actors have been announced to be included.

HP theme park news

The Order of the Phoenix, thanks to information gathered by the Orlando Sentinel,
has a new report on "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter", the developing theme park in Orlando, Florida. A spokesman for Universal Orlando theme park, where the Wizarding World will be added, says Universal will be hiring more than 1,000 seasonal workers for spring and summer work.

Why would they be hiring Spring staff if the theme park may not open in time?

It looks like Universal and Warner Brothers may have already set an opening date, because they are allowing people to now pre-order admission tickets.

And it is almost guaranteed for a summer 2010 opening. No sane theme park
company head would deny to open a potential marketing success.

April may be a little early for the theme park's premiere, but early to late May may be a possibility, being just around the time that school children would be let out of school for the summer.

HP7 teaser trailer again online

After a long absence, the teaser trailer is finally available, thanks to a YouTube viewer who put the OFFICIAL teaser trailer online. Enjoy it while it lasts!

In the likely event that JK Rowling, her representatives, or Warner Brothers demand its removal,
the Order of the Phoenix network shall obide by their decision.
But we hope that fans will appriciate the trailer, however long it is online.

More detailed information revealed on LEGO Harry Potter sets

As readers have found out in the previous post, Warner Brothers have re-discovered this alternative method of advertising, using LEGO, a dutch toy company, privately owned, to produce building sets based on iconic places and/or scenes from Warner Brother's HP film series.

To the left of this post is a picture of some of the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter sets.

Some of the sets shown are ones that LEGO (and Warner Brothers) have already previously designed, but re-styled to make the sets more unique, and less repetitive.

Viewers, if looking closely, may distinguish fimilar locations,
such as Harry Potter's school train, the Hogwarts Express, Hogwarts itself, Hagrid's Hut, the Burrow, and more.

All of these sets were displayed at ToyFair 2010, and
Order of the Phoenix Network viewers can see more pictures of upcoming toy products on their site.

Order of the Phoenix adds new features to site

As most of our viewers might have noticed, the Order of the Phoenix has partially re-designed some of the features located underneath the blog posts. One of these changes was the removal of the LEGO Harry Potter game teaser trailer, and replacing it with the HP theme park ad shown on TV during the 2010 Super Bowl.

Another, smaller change is that the Order of the Phoenix network has added even more different options to share the blog on online social networks.
Viewers are encouraged to use these links at any given time, but do not have to.

To report any feature as malfunctioning, viewers are encouraged to leave their concerns or comments in the comments page under any of the newer posts, so the issue can be delt with faster and easier. Thank You.

LEGO confirmed to release future HP products

As fans first heard it last year, LEGO & Warner Bros had a signed contract for LEGO to produce building sets based on Warner Bros film adaptions of the book series, but the deal expired shortly after the release of the fifth Harry Potter film. And when Warner Bros released a statement to the press concerning this, they stated that, at that time, they had no intention of renewing the expired contract.

But now, LEGO has revealed exactly what was included in the contract.

Jill Wilfert, LEGO's vice president of global licensing, said this:
"The world of Harry Potter has inspired some of our most successful products and we are thrilled to continue creating imaginative play opportunities for fans everywhere.
the best of which are represented in our upcoming lines.”

One product in their upcoming line is an LEGO HP board game, the first board game LEGO has ever produced in their company history.
"Players will be able to build and then move throughout the iconic castle to be the first to collect various objects to win the game."
Sounds interesting enough, though perhaps more recommended for older children.

New LEGO Harry Potter photos now online

With only months left until the game's release, Warner Bros has just unofficially released new in-game photos of "LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4".
The pictures shown appear to be taken from game levels. The photos show the impressive gameplay, with scenes from the Harry Potter books and films, and at the same time intertwining the cartoonish humor and visual effects common in LEGO video games.

As for how fun and challenging it is to play, I'll let both HP fans and LEGO fans judge for themselves when the game is released this Spring.

HP game release in fall 2010

It was announced recently, when Electronic Arts released their release schedule for 2010 that a new Harry Potter game, currently under the title of "Harry Potter TBA",
is scheduled for release in their Fall 2010 catagory.

Could this be a game based on the seventh film exclusively? Or are they rolling both parts of the final Harry Potter film into one game?

Only time will tell.

The Order of the Phoenix shall announce it when it is confirmed either way.

HP theme park trailer reminder

As most Harry Potter fans may or may not be aware, Warner Bros had previously announced that a trailer for the theme park will be shown during the Super Bowl, which is scheduled to take place tonight.

Copies of the trailer have been leaked online for viewers to watch online,
But the trailer will OFFICIALLY be shown tonight, during the Super Bowl.

Enjoy the trailer, HP fans, whether online or on TV.

Site errors occured

Recently, the Order of the Phoenix had placed both a view chart and a donation link to Autism Speaks. Both over the last few days have started to malfunction.

Our sincere apologies,
The staff of the Order of the Phoenix news network.

Order of the Phoenix site news

As some Order of the Phoenix visitors have doubtlessly discovered, on the site is a new attraction.

The Order of the Phoenix has added a view counter, which counts how many people have visited the homepage.

The reason for this is that, the Order of the Phoenix network will be using the view counter to determine the size of our audience.

We are sorry if this inconveniences any of our viewers.

If any of you have a question or concern about this, please leave it in the comments page underneath this post.

Order of the Phoenix makes new updates to site

Earlier today, changes were made to the main site of the Order of the Phoenix network.

One of these changes is that the Order of the Phoenix has gained a new sponsor!

For the next several weeks, The Order of the Phoenix will be sponsoring the Autism Speaks organization, a legit non-profit organization whose long-term goal is to help children, teens, and adults, cope with living with autism.

All visitors and/or longtime viewers of the Order of the Phoenix are welcome to donate to this excellent cause.

New announcements

As most of our viewers most likely have discovered by now, viewers of the Order of the Phoenix can subscribe through the feed link on our site.

However, recent upgrades have been made, and now the viewers of the Order of the Phoenix can subscribe to the site and its feed via e-mail.

To subscribe, double-click the tab underneath the posts, labeled
"Subscribe to the Order of the Phoenix by e-mail".
From there, just enter a valid e-mail address, then follow the instructions by Blogger.

A notice shall be sent via e-mail, confirming your subscription.

Any e-mail address entered for subscription shall be kept private.

If any viewer has a concern or question, feel free to enter it in the "comments"
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We at the Order of the Phoenix network hope you enjoy this opportunity.