HP theme park pictures emerge

Recently, new construction photos have emerged, all showing the slow but steady construction on the HP theme park designed by Universal, Warner Bros,
and JK Rowling.

The photos depict the construction of something like a small sixteenth
hndredth century village, and overlooking the village, a large castle, clearly the castle depicted in the HP books.

Inside the village, WB representatives have confirmed, stores selling HP merchandise will be located. Some of the merchandise has been confirmed to be exclusive.

LEGO Harry Potter mini-game now avalible

In honor of the fact that Warner Brothers and LEGO are releasing a
Harry Potter video game based on the LEGO franchise, a LEGO Harry Potter mini-game is now avalible to play for free on this website. The mini-game in question was first released on the LEGO website, as well as avalible to put on Blogger and other website-making resources using a copyable computer code.

This mini-game will not be a permanent feature on this site, so enjoy this while it lasts.

the "LEGO Harry Potter" copyright is a owned trademark and is property of LEGO, and Time Warner.

LEGO CT convention unveils new HP material

Although the dutch toy company has refused to release future HP based building sets, LEGO appearantly has not abandoned the HP franchise entirely.
In a LEGO convention held in Hartford, Connecticut, life-sized HP figurines were shown,and, in the case of some, larger then most humans. four unique statues, depicting Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasly.

A 10 foot tall statue of Hagrid, the Hogwarts gamekeeper, was also present.

"Harry Potter" boston exhibit is shown on TV

Late last night, NBC 30, the TV news broadcasting station for CT went to Boston and showed a brief five minute look at the exhibit, showing some of the featured props and interviewing both staff and visitors at the
Boston Museum of Science. While the NBC 30 sneek peek didn't exactly show HP fans stuff they hadn't seen before, it was encouraging to hear from both parents and employees how well this exhibit was recieved.

New blog update

Viewers of this blog can now, through recent changes, tweet about this blog on Twitter, and share this blog through their Facebook accounts.
At the bottom of this site page, along with the HP audiobook samples, are links to Facebook and Twitter, where, as the options state, you can tweet about this blog on Twitter, or share it on Facebook. Enjoy!

HP exhibition premires in Boston

The well recieved "Harry Potter" exhibition featured in Chicago has now offically changed headquarters, and is now in Boston, Massachusetts.

It is now displayed at the Boston Museum of Science. Ticket prices are high for entrance to the museum, as well as seperate tickets to the exhibition. But judging from the exhibition in Chigago, this exhibition will be no
rip-off for most HP fans.

Blog updates include new bonus feature on site

This website has been updated to include the opportunity to subscribe to this site using a number of diffferent feed readers including Yahoo, and google, as well as a number of others. We hope this will be an enjoyed addition to the formal webpage. Other updates may be forthcoming.