HP actor Warwick Davis reveals more information about HP theme park

After his inital visit to the opening night of the Harry Potter based theme park in Universal Orlando, Warwick Davis, more commonly known by
Harry Potter fans for his role as Professor Flitwick in the HP films, had quite a lot to say about the theme park. "The Wizarding World of HP is open and I am honoured to have been part of it! I spent a magical few days there, and here are the highlights: the view of Hogsmead from the entrance of the park up towards Hogwarts Castle. Breathtaking! Olivander's Wand Shop: Seeing my kids & Michael Gambon (Prof. Dumbledore) receive their wands. Truly magical. Flight of the Hippogriff: My first ever roller-coaster, screamed like a little girl. stting in the shadow of Hogwarts Castle among the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of John Williams. Very moving."
And to conclude his review, he also stated: Conducting the very talented Frog Choir for the Wizarding World of HP opening celebrations. Album out soon. Any Suggestions for a name?"

So for those of you who won't be visiting the park, a soundtrack from the park's chior may be out soon.