New Hi-Res Harry Potter 7 film pictures just released!

Just released today are brand new official photos taken from the upcoming seventh
Harry Potter movie.

The pics were released yesterday,
 released by Warner Bros, maker of the films.
To the left is one of the mentioned photos.
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The first pic is in the top left corner.
Another photo is below it, also taken from the film. It is currently unknown where in the films these shots were taken, though speculation is that it is taken from the first of the two films. Below the first picture is a picture of Harry's friend, Hermione, with both her hands soaked in blood. Due to the fact that it happens around the middle of the book, and from what we know of Parts one and two of the two films, we can confirm that this scene will be displayed in Part one. Interestingly enough, that same bloody scene was in the combined teaser trailer for the two films, except in the trailer, Hermione's hands were clean. In all the clips of the films, filmakers have been switching with Hermione's hands. All very interesting. We'll keep our viewers informed of any additional photos as they are released.
For now however, good night.