LEGO to release 2,000 piece Harry Potter building set for 2011!

Thanks to information leaked by a LEGO fansite and another Harry Potter fansite who attended LEGO's annual fan convention, BrickCon.

The picture to the left indicate a set which is planned for release in January 2011.

Based off of a location seen in the first and sixth
Harry Potter films, the Diagon Ally set will contain
over 2,000 LEGO bricks which, when all are put
together, re-create the buildings seen more specifically in the photo below.

Here is a set description from LEGO:
" Join Harry Potter,
Ron Weasley and
Hermione Granger
as they shop for their
Hogwarts school supplies.
Visit Ollivanders,
Borgin and Burkes,
and Gringotts Bank.

Each Diagon Alley building is realistically detailed. Ollivanders offers an extensive selection of wands, storage shelves, and a step ladder that allows Ollivander to gather wands from the top floor.
The front desk has an “exploding” function for those inconvenient times
when a spell goes awry. Borgin and Burkes includes a scary skeleton,
“glow-in-the-dark” elements, a fireplace attached to the Floo Network,
and a Vanishing Cabinet that Dark wizards might use to sneak into Hogwarts castle.

Gringotts Bank is an impressive two-story building with large double doors, and can be opened completely into one large building or closed to create one smaller building.
The bank’s interior features a removable vault, along with the Philosopher’s Stone,
a clerk’s desk, a chandelier and ‘wonky’ support pillars.