EXCLUSIVE NEWSTORY: the demo for final Harry Potter videogame has been released!

 I am happy to say that, despite what
we heard previously from Electronic Arts,
there WILL be a demo for the final official
Harry Potter videogame.

I've provided a link to the page on the
official website for the game, where
you can find the PC demo.

This is the official statement just issued by Electronic Arts:

"Two full levels from the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
videogame are now available for you to download and play in our free PC demo."

"Master the new game’s latest spells to help Harry battle through Hogwarts
and protect his friends from ambushing Death Eaters. And the action doesn’t end there."

"Savage werewolf Fenrir Greyback is on the prowl in the school grounds
and you can play as Hermione to try and defeat him."

“Our all-action demo gives you a fantastic chance to preview
the exciting new battles, spells and environments in the new game,”
said Pete Lake, Producer.

“It’s also your first chance to flex your new apparating abilities –
helping you move quickly towards cover when under intense fire from the Dark forces.”

You can go to the demo page through this link: 
http://harrypotter.ea.com/?p=2741&lang=en .

PC demo specifications can be found there also.