PotterMore launches on PlayStation home today!

For those of you who've been,
as Fred and George Weasley would say,
"hiding under a rock," we thought we'd give
a somewhat important announcement
concerning PotterMore,
and its future on PlayStation Home:
It's been released to the public! Go see it now!

We won't waste your time with a lot of needless blabber on our part,
but here's a press release issued today to everyone who subscribed
to PotterMore's e-mail notification system. (Including us.)

"We’re delighted to announce that from today, April 3,
owners of Sony’s PlayStation® 3 will be able to experience Pottermore
in a completely new way.

A selection of the beautifully illustrated Moments from Pottermore.com have now been
developed into virtual 3D environments, to bring you Pottermore at PlayStation Home.

Step inside Diagon Alley™ and board the Hogwarts Express

as your own customisable avatar, and enjoy four new mini-games;
experience the mayhem of Book Herding, test your knowledge with a Pottermore quiz,
share and collect Pottermore Trading Cards, and take part in an illicit Wizard’s Duel.

Dress your avatar in a wizard outfit – whether house robes or more casual wizard attire
– and purchase a companion from a choice of 14 owls, cats and toads.

As a Pottermore.com user, you can link your account with your PlayStation Network ID

to access additional content and spaces."
When it says "A selection of the...moments...have now been developed," It may mean
that some of the content that has appeared on the computer version of PotterMore may not
be visable to PotterMore on PlayStation Home users, or at least, not yet, so be warned.

Also, and this probably goes without saying,
you'll need a PlayStation 3 to access PotterMore on PlayStation Home.

We'll try to have a full review of PotterMore on PlayStation Home up for you all soon!