Site currently undergoing maintenance to fix site problems

Readers of this site may have noticed that some of the links for sharing this blog on social networks
have been malfunctioning. So, starting today, some of the links to social networks will be removed.
Instead, subscription links will be placed in some of the extra pages on this site.
Viewers will now be able to subscribe to us only through Google, Yahoo, and AOL.
This allows subscribers to choose from any one of the three major e-mail systems.
People who have already subsribed to us may not be affected by this change.

And like before, people will still be able to subscribe to us directly through an alternative method,
by double-clicking the link on the blog's main page underneath the posts, titled
"Subscribe to the Order of the Phoenix by e-mail". Any legit e-mail account is allowed.

To read more about subscribing to us, visit our FAQ page through this link: .