New LEGO Harry Potter game pics now online!

                                                       Thanks to a few internet sources, including, new
LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 pics are now online.
here to the left is one of these new shots, taken from year 3 in the game.

All of these photos have already been confirmed to be offical ones.

These shots make the game look to be an appealing one to both
Harry Potter and LEGO fans. Combining the more seriousness of the HP books with the humor and light-heartedness of LEGOs, as well as moderate graphics, make for a good balance.
With the game being released this summer,
It is likely that Warner Bros will continue their campaign for the game's publicity, and also keeping
fans content by releasing new gameplay photos.

It should also be noted that WB has already released three trailers for the game, each focusing
on each of the first four years the game is including.
So a trailer for Harry's fourth year should premire online about the end of this month.