Photos of Lego Harry Potter 2010 building sets now online!

Thanks to photos presented to us by,
an unofficial LEGO fan website, photos of some upcoming official Harry Potter building sets from LEGO coming this fall are now on our site.

To the left is one of the mentioned sets,
Hogwarts castle.

All the sets being produced are featured in both the Harry Potter books and films.

 The Hogwarts Castle set includes 11 buildable
mini figures as well as the castle itself.

Next up is the
school train,
the Hogwarts Express,
the train that takes Harry
and his friends to the magical school.
This set includes five minifigures as well as
numerous animal figurines.

For more information about these sets, please
double-click the following link titled "Read More".

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The next LEGO HP set is the home of Ron Weasly,
Harry's best friend. The house, nicknamed by the characters as
"The Burrow" is to be the third HP set
in LEGO's 2010 line-up.

The photo to the left displays the house and its inhabitants. The set features the house,
a pond, what looks like a shed in the
right-hand corner,and
six minifigures standing in front of the house.

Set number four, currently under the title of
"Hagrid's Hut", features four minifigures,
Harry Potter and
his two friends,
Ron Weasly and
Hermione Granger.

The set was based off of a set produced by LEGO shortly before the release
of the second HP film.

The fifth set out of the six features Harry and a friend practicing and sharpening their quidditch skills on the
quidditch pitch. Quidditch being a popular wizarding
game in Harry's world.

Five minifigures are included in this set:
Harry Potter and his Quidditch alley
Oliver Wood, playing against
Draco Malfoy, Harry's school rival,
and Draco's partner, who's name is
currently unknown. Quidditch referee
Madam Hootch is also in the set.

Finally, this set, originally released with the
second HP movie, features Harry,
Lucius Malfoy, father of Draco Malfoy,
and Dobby the house elf, all included
in the "Dobby's Release" set.

All six of the said sets will be re-released
starting this fall.