LEGO launches new LEGO Harry Potter site!

Launched with the US premire of the
LEGO Harry Potter video game, the
all-new site for the Harry Potter based building sets designed by LEGO is now online.

For nearly nine years, LEGO has produced building sets, allowing builders to re-create scenes and locations seen in the films and discribed in the Harry Potter books.

But in 2009, stated that they would not be producing any such sets, as Warner Bros had not signed an agreement that approved it, and shut down the LEGO Harry Potter website that had previously created.

But before the premire of the LEGO Harry Potter video game which is now out, confrimed that future LEGO Harry Potter building sets were under production with a Fall 2010 release.

The photo to the left is character artwork, and below the HP character are the numbers 4738, which we speculate is the ID number of the set in which that character is featured.

To visit the new site devoted to the LEGO Harry Potter building sets, go to:

To see more character artwork, click on the link titled: "Read More".