Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One trailer analysis

Spoiler! This post contains a complete analysis of the newest trailer
for the upcoming film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1.

If you do not wish to be spoiled in any way,
please do not continue reading this post.

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The trailer opens with the minister of magic saying:
"These are dark times. There is no denying it."
then a jumble of very fast clips, none of which very distinct.
After this is a clip of Lord Voldemort standing over the dead body of Albus Dumbledore.
Then Voldemort's voice is heard, saying "Tell me where he lives," in an echoing voice.
Then plays a clip of Harry standing on rocks, looking out onto a valley with mountains
in the far distance.

Then it switches to a close up shot of Hermione, while the minister of magic continues: "Our world has seen no greater threat then it does today." A few more quick glimpses, then it switches to Harry and Hermione standing in front of the grave of Harry's parents. "We can't fight this war without you, Mr. Potter," continues the minister quietly. More shots of Harry, then a shot of Harry holding a shard of broken glass, then a clip of Dumbledore falling from the astronomy tower in slow motion, then the minister of magic finished: "He's too strong." Voldemort lifts his hand, a crow takes flight, Voldemort's pet snake strikes, and the sign of the Deathly Hallows are shown, all within four seconds. Another jumble of images,
too quick to pause with, are shown. Then, at :46 seconds into the trailer we see what
appears to be Malfoy Manor as we do a 3-D zoom down from up high, then zoom to the iron
gates. At :48 seconds, we see Voldemort speaking with his followers, telling them that:
"I must be the one to kill Harry Potter." Then it switches to the Ministry of Magic,
where an official is announcing that: "You have nothing to fear, if you've nothing to hide."
From then to :54 seconds, it shows numerous clips of the trio on the run.
From :55-:59 seconds, we see Voldemort's snake slither across a table while Voldemort
and his followers watch, then the snake rears back, and strikes something not visible,
From 1:00-1:03, we see Harry, Ron, and Hermione walking through London.
At 1:04, they are standing outside the Ministry of Magic.

From 1:05-1:07, a quite different scene is shown, showing seven identical Harry Potters,
From 1:08-1:18, we view a rather lengthy scene (for a trailer), as we view what appears
to be a wedding reception. From 1:19-1:21, we see Harry and Hagrid flying through
London streets. From 1:22-1:25, we see Harry and his friends on the run as Harry says:
"No one else will die, not for me." Then another jumble of clips, none very distinct,
then we see a very emotionally charged moment between Harry, Ron, and Hermione
as they stand inside a tent starting at 1:29.
YOU HAVE NO FAMILY!" Hermione yells: "RON!" as Harry and Ron charge each other.
Then at 1:35, we see a Death Eater stopping the Hogwarts Express. At 1:37, we are reunited
with Dobby the house-elf, whom Harry encountered in his second year at Hogwarts.
At 1:38, we see a caption saying: This Fall. At 1:39, we see Voldemort and Wormtail
approaching somebody. Then it  switches to a close-up of Harry as the voice of Olivander
the wandmaker says: "He's after you, Mr. Potter." Then another caption appears saying:
Only one. Then we see Voldemort from 1:42-1:43, asking some older man softly:
"Tell me where it is." The man only grins. then another caption: Will Live. Clips of the trio
being pursued in the Ministry of Magic are shown as Olivander continues:
"You really don't stand a chance."

We see ex-Professor Snape pulling out his wand briefly
at 1:47, we see Beletrix Lestrange quickly at 1:48. We see the home of Luna Lovegood
surrounded by the death eaters. Then at 1:52, the screen goes black. Then it goes to the trio.
Ron, who has his arm around Hermione, as they both stand, horror-struck, as Harry says,
standing in front of them, half sobbing: "Help me." The scene changes at 1:54 to
Harry and his non-magical uncle, aunt, and cousin. We then see Lucious Malfoy blasted
backward, Olivander looking up and someone, someone with their broomstick on fire,
Harry underwater, Harry closing his eyes, Ron wielding a sword, some unknown wandmaker
cowering in fear, and two other clips which were unclear. Screen then goes black again as
Harry lies on the ground as we hear Voldemort's voice whisper:
"I have seen your heart, and it is mine." Then we see the final clip of Voldemort sticking his
wand into the air, and summons a lightning bolt at 2:07. Then we see the film title,
the release date, and then, just like that, the trailer ends at 2:28.

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