New HP7 official HD photos released!

About a week ago,
Warner Bros updated
their official Harry Potter 7
twitter page with a stream of
new photos for fans to
enjoy and discuss.

Although seven days have now passed, not much attention was paid to the page, so we decided to post about it.

Here is the first of the two newest pics on the left,
showing Harry holding a piece of broken glass.

And second, (below), is a snapshot of the trio and who appears to be the new
Minister of Magic, who in office acts as governor over the wizarding population.

He appears to be holding something
out for Harry to take.

Readers of the books should have a good guess as to what it might be.

We will continue our coverage of the official Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows twitter page in future posts.

To visit the actual twitter page of the biggest movie franchise of all time,
feel free to use this direct link! .