New Year comes, 2011 changes on the way!

To all our fans and readers, a very happy new year from us
at the Order of the Phoenix Network!

To our 7 subscribers and 2 followers and 37 viewers
this month, we have some special announcements
to share with all of you.

First off, when we looked at the succsess this blog has achieved over the last few years,
one of the first things we thought were: "How can we make this thing better?"
So we thought and came to the conclusion that we should create a podcast,
to both please current fans and viewers, expand our audiance,
as well as just have some fun!

We are underway with the podcast, "PhoenixCast", currently,
and should have it and its blog online within the next two weeks
if all goes well. Keep an eye out for future announcements!
Thanks for all your support, or none of this would be possible!

-Order of the Phoenix Network staff.