PhoenixCast podcast on its way, show details revealed!

To go along with the post we made just two days ago,
we are almost done recording PhoenixCast #1, and
will finish within the next two or three days, and we
have many of the discussion details here.

We have not yet decided on a release date or episode name,
But we'll highlight some things for you.

  • Our Harry Potter news and announcements,
  • Including HP8 trailer rumor, HP8 final scene re-shot, and more!
  • Chapter discussions and summary of chapters 1-2 in Harry Potter book 1.
  • Announcements.
  • Final Thoughts and goodbyes.

Expect these segments in the upcoming PhoenixCast #1!
It should be released on our site in MP3 format, and about 15-20 minutes long.
Any future episodes should be expected to be about 20 minutes long as well.
Keep an eye out for any announcements concerning PhoenixCast for the next few days.