Harry Potter 7 can now be pre-ordered online!

We have found out, thanks to amazon.com,
that the DVD and Blu-Ray versions of
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part One
can be pre-ordered as of today.

According to amazon.com, you can order
the single-disk DVD for $16.99, and the
Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital copy combo pack
for $24.99! They also have a regular Blu-Ray version
without the digital copy for $19.99 .

Check out the prices and shipping rates for the DVD using this link:

To see the Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy, go to:

I highly reccomend the Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy version,
because even if you just want the DVD and digital copy,
you'd be able to use both without needing to get a blu-ray player!