Harry Potter 7 DVD release date officially confirmed!

According to one of our fellow Harry Potter fansites,
mugglenet.com, the Harry Potter 7 DVDs and Blu-Rays
will be released across the USA on April 15th,
which seems like an odd day to pick for a release date,
considering it's a Friday, and normally in the US,
DVDs and Blu-Ray disks are almost always released
on Tuesdays.

 Why the changer in day?

I can't think of why Warner Bros. would pick April 15th, of all possible days,
but I'm still not positive this is the actual release date, because when I checked
on amazon.com, which is usually up to date on release dates, their website said
the release date info had not yet been announced.

So although the release date has been "officially" confirmed,
so was the original release date for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,
which opened in theaters six months after the "official" release date.
Keep an eye out, HP fans, and let's hope Warner Bros. won't postpone this DVD!