Harry Potter 8 footage to air on ABC Family during Harry Potter movie marathon!

We have just received word from
MTV's blog that special footage from
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two
will be shown very soon on ABC Family
sometime during their Harry Potter
movie marathon, starting this Thursday.

ABC Family has been known to, in the past, debut
new and exclusive Harry Potter movie sneek peeks.

MTV believes this to be an actual scene from the film,
but I'm not so sure. As far as I can remember, ABC Family's
"exclusive Harry Potter movie sneak peeks", are never that exciting.
They show about 30 seconds of movie clips, and about another 60 seconds
talking to cast and crew, making for an overall 90 second "preview".

I honestly hope we see just one 1 minute clip from the film itself, and nothing else.
It's just not worth it talking to cast members who don't even  have much of a role in the film.

Please, Warner Bros; send us an actual clip! No more nonsense!

Either way, we hope to have the preview on our blog shortly after it airs.
Thanks to our viewers for all your support!