Harry Potter 8 teaser trailer rumored to be released March 25th!

We have just found out, thanks to imbd.com,
that a new Warner Bros. film, "Sucker Punch"
will be hitting theaters on March 25th.
Along with this, we've also received multiple
reports saying the HP8 trailer will be released
soon, but no release date was announced.

The reports of a completed HP8 trailer have begun to surface,
and we believe it's because the trailer's well on its way to being released.
"Sucker Punch" seems to be gunning for the same audience that
the Harry Potter movies maintain.

"Sucker Punch" will be coming out on March 25th, and is rated PG-13
for: "sexuality, violent combat sequences, and language."
This is very similar to the Harry Potter 6 movie rating reasons, which were:
"scary images, violence, language and mild sexuality."

If Warner Bros. was going to release a HP8 trailer in March,
this would be the perfect movie to put the trailer in front of.
We'll find out if this true, or not, on March 25!