Harry Potter films to be taken off store shelves on December 29th!

According to entertainmentweekly.com, all eight of
the Harry Potter movies will start to be taken off
store shelves on December 29th.

It appears that the films will only be available
to buy through digital download.

the Harry Potter franchise has grossed more than $12 billion for Warner Bros.
This includes not only the films, but official Harry Potter merchandise like
the video games, action figures, and movie soundtracks.

Although this appears to be an official announcement, the question remains:
Is this really a good idea?

Famous films franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones still are around,
so why is Warner Bros. so eager to remove Harry Potter,
the #1 movie franchise of all time?

Warner Bros. has not yet released an official statement on this major newstory,
but considering the impact it will have on the Harry Potter fandom,
they will, likely, issue some explanation shortly.