Dan Radcliffe appears in "Woman in Black" movie, makes money, but disappoints viewers

Marking his first theatrical appearance
since he finished his role as Harry Potter,
Daniel Radcliffe's newest movie,
"The Woman in Black", was just released
in theaters this past Friday, and has so far
made $20.9 million dollars in the U.S. alone.

Unfortunately, although the film has done fairly well financially,
it has received poor reviews online, such as achieving no higher then
a 63% overall viewer rating on rottentomatoes.com

Here are a few of the reviews posted on the Rotten Tomatoes website:

"There's a difference between being scared and being startled ... 
It's too bad that director James Watkins fills The Woman in Black 
with far more of the latter and too little of the former." 

 "A disappointing post-Potter debut from Radcliffe, 
barely breathing in this musty, creaky chiller."

"The repetitive cheap thrills tend to suffocate the more 
intriguing mystery at the core of the story."

On Yahoo Movies, the film got more positive ratings overall,
but some audience members still felt that the film had room for improvement:

"This movie tried so hard to get cheap scares and didn't focus enough on developing a story. 
To be honest, it wasn't scary and it seemed to drag on and on. 
The only real plot progression was from the "letters" he read but other than that, 
it was just a movie filled with every cliche horror film "scare" tactic imaginable." 

"This movie was a good scare. Good acting, great haunted house, excellent storyline, 
and unexpecting twists and turns. Actually, this was my kind of horror movie - 
not a lot of blood and gore but chilling scenes with shocking moments. 

One of the things I enjoyed about this movie was that you thought you had 
certain things figured out, but then another twist is revealed that keeps you guessing 
to what may happen next. The dark gothic setting of the haunted house and local town 
added to the eerieness of the overall movie. We need more like these. Highly recommend."

Although the film has gotten mixed reviews, it is doing well at the box office,
and has indeed gotten many people talking about it online.

Only time will tell how successful this film will end up being.