Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling settles lawsuit with fired agent

Just yesterday, it was leaked to the press
that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling
was in the process of setting a lawsuit
which had been filed against her by her
ex-publishing agent, Christopher Little.

Although this sudden announcement
caught fans off-guard and made for 
much discussion, both J.K. Rowling
and Mr. Little have not spoken much publicly about the affair.

This was the post that was made
yesterday by the Daily Mail's website:

(Mr Little, age 70,) who has been seriously ill for some time, 
said in a statement at the time that he was ‘disappointed and surprised’ 
to learn she had ‘terminated her association’ with his agency. 

Miss Rowling, 46, who has an estimated fortune of £500 million, 
joined a new agency set up by lawyer Neil Blair who, 
until last summer, was Mr Little’s business partner for ten years.

This cannot be a coincidence, due to the timing of the separation,
which was declared just after J.K. Rowling officially announced her latest
Harry Potter-related project, Pottermore.

It is understood that she and  Mr Blair had worked closely on Pottermore when they were both still with Little. It is expected  to earn her many more millions through the exclusive sale of ebooks and online games. 

The results of the settlement have not yet been announced.
It is unknown if, or when, fans will know the results of this latest lawsuit.