New video preview of Pottermore now online!

A new video preview of Pottermore has been released online
on the official Pottermore website, and can be viewed either
on the Pottermore website, or on YouTube via link.

It can only been found exclusively on,
as an Easter egg for Harry Potter fans to find either by
going to directly, or by visiting
Pottermore Insider, which contains a link to
in its most recent post, briefly mentioning that a
"sneak peek" of Pottermore can be found through the link.

The video displays the amazing structure of Pottermore,
from living the books, playing online mini-games like Wizard Dueling,
unlocking new never-before-seen character information and book content
previously written by J.K. Rowling, that was never included in any of the HP books,
and so much more. looks like it will be a spectacular work of magic,
and it is my belief that the Harry Potter fandom will not be disappointed with it.

You can watch the video itself here.