Pottermore releases new statement, on-site bugs being fixed!

Pottermore.com has lately been focusing
heavily on fixing any and all bugs and errors,
as well as continuing to add last-minute
improvements, before Pottermore is launched
worldwide sometime later this month.

This new statement from Pottermore Insider
was posted on the "Pottermore Site Updates" technical support page:

Thursday 5 April

Yesterday’s planned outage took a little longer than anticipated, 
however we were able to use this time to resolve some of the issues 
that Pottermore Beta users were experiencing.

‘Missing’ friends have been reinstated, so affected users can now see their friends again. 
We also did some work on the missing potions elements, such as spellbooks and cauldrons.

We're aware that the 'Your duels' list is not showing all challenges 

and we are carrying out testing on this area.

As Pottermore inches closer and closer to completing its relentless campaign
on fixing bugs, server crashes, and also adding user-requested improvements,
the most discussed question is: When will Pottermore be launched online?