Pottermore Insider posts new COS development update

In a new update, the Pottermore Insider blog
revealed that the Pottermore development team
have made some progress in their latest task
of introducing the second Harry Potter book,
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
to PotterMore.

Here is the original text:
"Monday, June 18th
Chamber of Secrets update:
"This week, we're finalising artwork for 

Chapter Fourteen Cornelius Fudge."

If they are finishing the chapters in sequence,
then this is an improvement from the last post:

"Monday, June 11th
Chamber of Secrets update:
"Last week, we were editing sounds in the studio for the Chamber of Secrets,
and we're now working on finishing artwork for Chapter Eleven, The Duelling Club."

These frequent little updates show that, at least,
Pottermore is now doing a better job of keeping the public more informed.