Harry Potter: Book of Spells coming to PS3!

It was just announced at the E3 Expo, a major gaming conference, that another new
Harry Potter themed video game, to be released exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Titled "Harry Potter: Book of Spells", this newest addition to the Harry Potter
game franchise is a motion-controlled game where players will learn to master
iconic Harry Potter spells, and, as they progress through the game,
they unlock new written material from HP author J.K. Rowling.

The game was created in partnership between Sony and Pottermore developers.

As of this post, no exact release date is known.

Below are two videos: The first being the gameplay trailer for the game,
and the second video is the game's announcement at E3,
which includes a demonstration of the game.

We'll follow up on this story when more details are made public.