Chamber of Secrets launched on Pottermore today, exclusively for Slytherin house members!

At last! As a reward for all active Slytherin house members, PotterMore staff have launched the next
HP "book" on PotterMore, Chamber of Secrets.

Just like the first "book" on PotterMore,
"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone",
or just simply "Sorcerer's Stone", 
"Chamber of Secrets" will also become a
virtual world,  designed by HP author J.K. Rowling!

As a reward for winning the annual PotterMore "House Cup", PotterMore users who
have been sorted into Slytherin house before the end of the "House Cup" compitition
are now recieving early access to the first chapters of "Chamber of Secrets",
24 hours before the other houses!

All PotterMore users will be granted access to "Chamber of Secrets" sometime tomorrow.