Pottermore Review: Chamber of Secrets: Chapters 1-3

Just a few weeks ago, PotterMore.com launched
their second virtual interactive Harry Potter book,
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
partially. Only the first few chapters from the book
are currently available on PotterMore.

The Pottermore Insider explains this, saying the
length of the later HP books make it difficult to
launch the whole book on PotterMore at once.

The method they intend to try is to launch future PotterMore "books" in chunks,
perhaps 8-10 chapters a time, and limits the chances of PotterMore overloading
 from incoming web traffic, or other technical problems.

Now for the review:

PotterMore: Chamber of Secrets: Chapters 1-4

PotterMore's second "book" is filled with all new breathtaking digital artwork,
solid if not really interesting sound effects, and a fun but not addicting minigame.

There are much less pieces of original information from J.K. Rowling, which is a loss,
and not as much collectable items to hunt down and find in the backgrounds.

Also, it seems these early chapters need a little more fine-tuning.
The mini-game didn't even work at first, and many players, myself included,
reported not being able to zoom into the background, to look for hidden secrets.

I am slightly disappointed with these new chapters, and hope that
PotterMore will take notice of these issues and address them.

Overall Grade: C-