New Pottermore info fansite underway!

We are happy to announce that over
the last several months, we have gathered
many small pieces of new HP information
revealed by PotterMore, as well as things
previously stated by J.K. Rowling,
that were not included in the HP books or movies.

They will then be copied and relocated
to a seperate blog, the sole purpose of which is
being an easy-to-navigate public database
for all Harry Potter fans worldwide.

A lot of the information we intend to release is
little-known, and mostly scattered across the internet,
                                                                     as well as character-based posts, extra notes, etc.

Currently under the name "The Potterful Pensieve",
this new HP database was originally planned to premiere online
late last month, but due to development delays, it has been delayed
until its planned premiere later this fall.

We have already sorted through most of the problems,
and collected roughly enough information for the first dozen posts.

Look for more info on "The Potterful Pensieve"
here on Order of the Phoenix News Network!