Warner Bros. announces new exclusive info on Harry Potter: Wizard's Collection!

Just yesterday, Warner Bros. announced new information regarding the upcoming
Harry Potter: Wizard's Collection, the upcoming HP collector's edition box set,
including all eight HP films, and over 37 hours of special features,
4 hours of all-new material in total!

Some of the new, exclusive special features include:

-"The Harry Potters You Never Met" - Meet the stunt doubles for Daniel Radcliffe,
Rupert Grint and Emma Watson as they demonstrate how they balanced major stunt work
with seamlessly mimicking the actors they represented and share their favorite moments.

- "Designing the World of Harry Potter" - Explore how production designer Stuart Craig
and his creative team brought J.K. Rowling's imagination to life on the screen.

- "When Harry Left Hogwarts" (Extended Version)
- Hear candid and emotional stories about the final days on set
in this extended behind-the-scenes look.

- "50 Greatest Harry Potter Moments" (Definitive Version)
- Take a look back with cast members who share their on and off-screen memories.

- "Secrets Revealed! Quidditch"
– At last, the secrets behind the special effects required
for the breathtaking Quidditch scenes are revealed!

- "Secrets Revealed! Hagrid" - See the camera tricks, towering stand-in,
and voluminous body suits behind the beloved Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.

-"Creating the World of Harry Potter, Part. 7: Story"
-"Creating the World of Harry Potter, Part. 8: Growing Up"
- "A Conversation with J.K. Rowling and Daniel Radcliffe." (Extended Version)

Harry Potter: Wizard's Collection is released into stores on September 10th.