PotterMore CEO discusses future of PotterMore

This past Monday, while speaking at the
Frankfurt Book Fair about the future of digital publishing,
and how PotterMore stands as the model for future
digital publishing methods, PotterMore CEO
Charlie Redmayne had quite a few things to say
when it came to the subject of PotterMore's future.

He discussed several things PotterMore has done
in the past that set themselves apart from traditional
digital marketing methods, what they are now doing,
and even hinted some things that PotterMore is planning
for its future, both immediate, and longer-term.

Here is a rough outline detailing slightly more specific details
on PotterMore's plans for future expansion:

  • "Connected TV,"
  • "Apps,"
  • "Physical Products" that will be sold on the PotterMore Shop,
  • "Enhanced e-books"
  • The addition of a "Games" hub on PotterMore,
  • "In-Flight Entertainment,"

And finally, the release of the final chapters of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets,
which, according to Redmayne, will debut on PotterMore by the end of this month.

Quite a lot of details at one time! Let's hope they all come true sooner rather then later.