Google Maps creates Diagon Alley virtual tour for HP fans

After Warner Bros. opened up its Harry Potter
themed studio tour in London, Harry Potter fans
throughout the world have been curious to see the
expansive film sets that helped create the
highest-grossing film franchise in history.

For those lucky to be living in the U.K. already,
It's a great deal, if you have the money to go.

For those of us in the United States, or otherwise abroad,
getting there can take a little (who am I kidding, A LOT OF) planning,
as well as no small amount of money.

Well, for now at least, Warner Bros is offering fans a bit of a treat.

Now you can take an exclusive virtual tour of Diagon Alley, free of charge,
simply by using Google Maps' street view mode, and boy, is it worth it.

Although it's a shame that other sets are unavailable for online touring,
it's understandable. Warner Bros. has got to make some money here, after all.
(Setting aside the fact they've collected probably 8 1/2 billion dollars
 from the series, between theater releases, and DVD releases.)

The link to the virtual tour is below. Take a look!,+Warner+Bros.+Studio+Tour+London,+Studio+Tour+Drive,+Leavesden&hl=en&ll=51.690882,-0.417287&spn=0.004835,0.013411&sll=51.689718,-0.417566&layer=c&cid=10355248391383225485&panoid=u1gcE6cVKELE_xgImwtVHQ&cbp=13,274.23,,0,-1.66&hq=Diagon+Alley+at+Warner+Bros.+Studio+Tour+London,+Warner+Bros.+Studio+Tour+London,+Studio+Tour+Drive,+Leavesden&t=h&z=17&cbll=51.690875,-0.417249