Harry Potter gets its first official fan convention, starting Summer 2014!

Starting next Summer, Warner Bros. will be
launching something HP fans have been requesting
for a long time, an official HP fan convention.

Well, it looks like Warner Bros. isn't yet ready
to let go of the Harry Potter fandom anytime soon.

As of next year, Warner Bros, and Universal Orlando,
will be hosting “A Celebration of Harry Potter”
at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the HP theme park
located within Universal Orlando.

The three-day event will will featured a number of Harry Potter events,
from Q&As with talent and filmmakers, as well as numerous other presentations,
including the art of dueling at a wand-master class hosted by Paul Harris,
the choreographer who trained the Harry Potter film cast.

The event will last from Jan. 24-26.

Packages, which include hotel stays at Universal properties,
start at $395 or $675 per person, depending on the bundle type chosen.

It may not be a cheap event, but for the diehard Harry Potter fans
who won't mind spending a little extra cash to hang out with the HP film crew
at the Harry Potter theme park, this event looks like one well worth checking out.