Notice to Site Viewers

To our site viewers, while updating our site, we have noticed that there has been some problems for some reaching our site.

If you are using anti-virius software or some other security softwares, you may have encountered this error too.

Before entering this site, some viewers may see a pop-up from the computor's security system saying something like: "Are you sure you want to proceed?" or something similar.

The problem is that, via feedburner, we have added a device to be able to count how many computors and networks visit our site. This feature causes a problem for those with enhanced security software because most security softwares are programmed to protect its user from software like our
Hit Counter we have installed on our site, thanks to FeedBurner.

This error does not appear to have any impact to our feed or our feed viewers and subscribers.

-Order of the Phoenix staff.