HP movie trailer gallery updated, new trailer now on site!

Just today, we have added the theatrical trailer for the fifth HP film on our site,
in our new HP movie trailer gallery page avalable for viewing via link
EXCLUSIVELY on our site.

With one theatrical trailer per film for the first five films,
(trailers for films 7 & 8 coming soon!) the page is packed with over 12 minutes of footage
all avalable for viewing. However, certain precautions have been put in place to minimize
copying and embedding of the trailers, which has slowed the process of placing the trailers
onto our site. However, trailers for all seven films will be avalable sometime over this weekend.

As films 7 & 8 do not yet have theatrical trailers as of now, we will use the 60 second clip
that is avalable until a future trailer is avalable for display.